Top 23 Facebook Engagement Tips

What is Facebook engagement?

Facebook engagement, is the key to getting your followers to engage with your Facebook business page and what you have to offer.

If you have not yet read my blog post on…

“Why you should not rely solely on Facebook organic reach for your business“, then I recommend you do so ASAP!

Facebook’s engagement and organic reach

As I mentioned previously…

Facebook’s organic reach is pretty much dead, but I will still recommend that you try to engage with your existing Facebook followers and fans as best as possible.

The last thing you want to do is…

To have new customers or followers, come to your Facebook business page, and have them look around to see that your business doesn’t do any posting of content.

Seriously, which business does that?

If it were me, checking out a business on Facebook, and I had to see no posting of content, I would immediately lose interest in doing business with them.

I would think it’s either a shady business or it doesn’t really exist.

Who wants to follow a Facebook business page like that?

Having no, or only old content on your Facebook page will make your business and brand look like a sinking ship or worse…

One that has already gone down to the bottom of the ocean.

In this blog post, I will share with you my top 23 Facebook engagement tips and ideas that can improve your engagement with your existing followers and fans.

This will increase your chances of making more sales while spending less money on marketing.

I am not talking about posting stuff like cat videos and stupid stuff like that. No offense to cats.

I am talking about sharing content in a well-structured way.

Content that will encourage your followers to stop, and say, “WOW, I would like to read more about this post”.

You want to have them actively engage in the content on your Facebook business page.

How will this help your Facebook business page and your brand?

Firstly, it’s important to realize, that this isn’t an overnight solution to your problem surrounding Facebook’s organic reach, you have to think of this process as more of a marathon than a race.

This investment is going to take time

My number one rule when applying the Facebook content strategy is that you stay consistent. Simple, but consistent.

Do not forget this!

Don’t think that after doing this for a month, you will see massive changes…

Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will this, it takes time, so plan out your content strategy for posting.

Read more about content scheduling and posting with the best online systems in this blog.

By using the suggested Facebook engagement post ideas and tips, you will truly set your business apart from your competitors.

This will allow your business to position itself as the leading expert in your field of business.

Oh, and you will also gain more followers and fans over time.

Especially once your Facebook followers start to share your content.

So, without any further due, let me show you what these magical Facebook post ideas and tips are…

Think about your followers, and who they are, the last thing you want to do is…

Post content on your Facebook page that will not relate to your Facebook followers.

Put yourself in your follower’s shoes…

I recommend setting out a testing phase of about 2-3 weeks, where you will select 3-5 or more of the Facebook posting engagement ideas, and test them before you commit to using them every week.

You can use your Facebook back-end dashboard to help determine whether or not what you are launching is working.

You can also read more about how to best use Facebook business page data on my other blogs. If you don’t have a Facebook business page yet, then click here to learn how to open one the right way for your business.

Or contact us directly if you’d like us to build you one.

OK, let’s have a look at what you can use for your Facebook engagement posts.

Below are my top Facebook engagement ideas for you:

1: Ask for advice

This type of post is great on several different levels. People LOVE to answer questions and help solve problems.

Also, asking a question that may help THEM with a problem, is always a winner, as it’s not often that you get a FREE solution to your problems!

Below are a few ideas:

  • What would you do if…
  • One of our followers has a question. Can you help?
  • I need to make an important decision and I am looking for your thoughts and feedback on…
  • What advice would you offer to a person who is struggling with…

2: A contest post

Everyone loves a good contest!

There are a ton of great contest apps out there, any of which you can use to run your contest and grab email addresses, adding to your list as well!

I have seen that there is a new trend now, called spin the wheel. People can spin a virtual wheel and win something, depending on what it lands on, they will then be asked to give an email address to secure the prize.

Once again, a great tool to gain email addresses and leads.

3: Run a poll

Polls are great, not only for generating engagement on your Facebook business page but also for gaining valuable insights from your audience.

Most people would rather take part in a poll before taking a survey, as it’s quick and easy to push buttons, compared to completing a whole survey.

Some ideas for polls include:

  • What is your biggest challenge?
  • Which products would you like to see us offer?
  • Which strategy has worked best for you when it comes to?

I have added a link here to a free Facebook polling tool that you can use.

4: Share poll results

If your poll collected data that would be interesting to your audience, share the results in a separate campaign or social media post.

One strategy I have seen a few business owners using is offering the results in a free downloadable report, in exchange for an email address (#leadmagnet).

5: Inspirational quotes

Choose to encourage and inspire your fans by posting inspirational and motivational quotes or images.

I will show you later how to use to create some great-looking content for motivational quotes for your Facebook page in images.

6: Fill in the blank

I am not exactly sure what all the fuss is about, but people seem to love them!

You can rephrase just about any question as a, “fill in the blank” question, and they often receive more engagement than basic questions.

Test this out for yourself, create a question and ask people to complete the sentence.

7: Follow Friday

Give your followers and fans the opportunity to share a link to their website or social media pages.

Not only do they get the chance to showcase their business or products, but they can meet new people, and make new connections by sharing this information on your Facebook business page, and will value you as a business that helps other businesses.

Watch your business’s reputation for helping, spread like wildfire!

Try to add a personal touch, if possible. This reminds your fans that you are a real person!

You can Google seasonal dates to help you get ideas for these types of posts, just be sure to add the year in your search term, as holiday dates may change.

9: Blog post

I see many business owners posting links to their blog posts on Facebook, without including any additional context.

When sharing a blog post, be sure to include a backstory or short excerpt from the post, so your fans know what to expect when they click on the link. It also helps to get them excited to read more!

10: Fan-only discount

Offer your followers an exclusive discount, just for being a fan!

Use an image to promote the discount, if possible.

These are better for grabbing the attention of your fans and for getting more shares.

Remember that Facebook will not allow you to add any more than 20% of content to an image.

So, be sure to follow these rules to prevent your content from being disapproved by Facebook.

Read more about the rules of using Facebook images on your Facebook business page.

11: Cross-promote

Team up with a business that offers a complimentary product or service and helps cross-promote each other.

Tag each other in status posts, recommend that your fans ‘like’ each other’s Pages, or simply share each other’s content.


In the UAE, Coke is running a “cross-promotion” on their 500 ml Coke’s, with McDonald’s – you are guaranteed to win something, look inside the top and you get a 50% discount off whatever is stamped inside the top, for either a 250 ml coke or various McMeal’s, etc.

Our UAE office has been a big fan of this promotion, especially because you ALWAYS win, and who doesn’t want to always win – so you can imagine, it becomes a bit addictive.

Sometimes doing something as a group can feel less overwhelming than doing it alone!

Some examples include:

  • 30 days to a more organised house (post a daily organisation tip)
  • 7 days to tighter abs (post a daily video or blog post sharing the best core exercises)
  • Gain 1000 fans (give actionable tips for increasing your fan’s Facebook audience)

Give your followers a step-by-step guide or tutorial on how to do something.

These types of posts are GREAT for getting Facebook engagement, especially click-throughs and shares!

14: An expert tip

Share a tip from an Industry expert for solving a common problem or overcoming a challenge.

The expert could even be YOU!

This post is a lot like the “Link to a Tutorial”, I would recommend using a blog post to accommodate this type of post content.

15: A personal post

This is where you, as a small business owner, have an inherent advantage.

Don’t be afraid to post a personal photo or story from time to time, this helps to differentiate yourself from the big brands that your fans also follow.

A good example is a couple of photos with a short story, of how your business was started and where you are now.

This is a big thing on Instagram called #throwbackthursdays

Remember that you don’t need to be a large company to use this type of post, even if your business is 6 months or a year old, you can still use this type of post.

16: Be imperfect

Whoever said we need to be perfect for people to like us?

Don’t be afraid to share struggles or vulnerabilities from time to time, to show you are a real person.

This is a great way to make your brand more personal and relatable!

I will sometimes share content about a digital marketing strategy that I was struggling with, and how hard it was to get the digital marketing strategy to work for our Facebook page.

17: Share a business picture

Sharing a photo of your workspace, your employees or even your customers (with their permission, of course), makes your business so much more relatable!

Knowing there are real people behind your brand, will go a long way to building trust and relationships with your followers and any new customers.

I found that doing it once a month, usually after the 25th day of a month, is best to boost your bottom line in sales.

Building up a bit of hype before this date is also recommended, and will increase your chances of having your fans engage with the offer.

19: Free lead magnet

Let’s not forget about our free lead magnet, every now and then, post a link to your free lead magnet, letting people know about it and letting them sign up.

If you don’t have a lead magnet yet, then let us help you brainstorm one that could help you convert more prospects into leads.

20: Product launch countdown

I have not had the best of luck with selling products with a product launch countdown, but I did get some good engagement with each of the posts when I did this.

Create a set of banners that start counting down over a period of 5 or 3 days. This will help launch a new product you have.

Then launch each one, every day, at a specific time, in the process.

I highly recommend using Zoho Social to help you get this right, you can click here to read more about this online solution.

21: Special event

Share a special event with your followers.

This could be any event from a new opening of one of your shops, to a meet and greet.

This could be in the form of a seminar or networking meeting. Or even a webinar whatever you can think of, the possibilities are endless.

22: Flash sale!

flash sale is a great tool to help you increase your bottom-line sales.

Flash sales are always launched spontaneously, that’s the aim of it.

Once you have launched a good and successful flash sale, any people who have missed that opportunity, will in the future keep following your Facebook business page, to ensure they do not miss the next one.

This is also a great tool to use in building new followers, as people will share with their friends and family that they need to follow your business page to get some awesome deals.

23: Press release

We all watch the news from time to time and reading a press release is very much the same.

Whenever you have something interesting to say about your business, from a new product launch to something interesting that has happened in your business, you can use a press release to do this.

The best place to create press releases is WordPress, you can download a News plugin, that will give you the ability to create press releases and then post them on your social media and other campaigns.

Great to bring old and new followers back to your website.

Don’t forget that these Facebook engagement tips and ideas need a posting strategy

So, what is a Facebook posting strategy?

Without going into depth about social media post strategies, I will develop a complete blog post for this section.

But let me give you a quick overview of how it works so that you can have a basic understanding.

So, after you have selected a few of the Facebook post engagement ideas, I have given you.

You will need to plan out when you want to launch what content. As well as what day and time these posts need to be released.

I will recommend using something like Hootsuite, or Zoho Social to help you do this.

Do not try and manually launch each post directly from your Facebook business page. You will ruin your life this way! Trust me.

I personally like to use Zoho Social for all my social media posting.

In these social media posting tools, you will be able to see a full calendar from where you can plan your strategy to what day you will be launching what content, and through which channels.

It’s important to strategize on what you will launch. And when so that you do not have any overlap of content on your Facebook business page.

If you would like to know more about social media strategies that can work for your business. Let our team give you a free digital marketing strategy and consultation.

What is the outcome of Facebook engagement posts?

By using these Facebook engagement ideas and tips, you will see a steady upward trend in your follower’s engagement with your Facebook business page.

Your brand will also gain more traction with your fans and followers at the same time. And you will also see more people sharing your content, and in return, gaining more followers.

The bottom line is that if you can create more engagement with your followers and fans. The result could increase your bottom-line sales extremely well.

So, here is your challenge…

I work with many different businesses, helping them implement digital marketing strategies for their businesses, and I want you to try what I have recommended in this post.

Once you have given some of the post ideas a try, leave me a comment below on what post ideas you have found work best for you, I would love to get your feedback.

Also, if you discover something that I have left out of this post, then share it with everyone in the comment section below too please, we are all learning from each other.

If you need any assistance with digital marketing, click on the link and contact us.

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