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The Ultimate Digital Marketing Strategy

This marketing strategy will help your brand grow and gain more leads and customers

At RAS Digital Marketing, our focus is on getting your audience to know you better so that you can establish trust with them, we do this by creating and implementing a complete digital marketing strategy, that relates to your prospects, amplifies the need or pain points, and then solves it with your offer.



First, we will get your brand to relate to your prospect’s needs and pain points, at the same time growing your brand awareness.



Secondly, we will create a need for your products or services through an amplified strategy, gaining your business new leads.



Lastly, we will solve your customer’s needs and pain points with your products and services, through a conversion strategy.

Benefitting from Each Touch Point

Your business will benefit from each touch point that your customers have with your brand

Once we have designed your ultimate digital marketing strategy following the RAS model, our team will implement all the touchpoints your prospects will go through to eventually convert, by following the plan and implementation model, below here.

Brand Awareness

We will grow your brand through a high engagement strategy, exposing your brand to the right audience.

Lead Generation

Next, we will convert as many of your new brand followers and audiences as possible into new leads for your onboarding process.


Every new lead, will be nurtured via a custom designed onboarding process to convert them from a cold to a hot lead.


All your leads will be presented with a re-marketing process to help move them from leads to the conversion stage.


Lastly, we will use well designed conversion emails to help your sales team to qualify hot leads into potentials and conversions.

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FREE Digital Marketing Strategy & Proposal

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Included In Your Strategy

Your digital marketing strategy will include the following

In order for your new digital marketing strategy to work as designed, and achieve a sustainable ROI, we will be implementing the following:

Social Media Management

We manage your social media pages, by creating and posting rich content, growing your brand exposure and reputation online. Yes, I am interested…


We create highly engaging campaigns on LinkedIn, targeting new leads for you to contact and engage with via the LinkedIn platform. Yes, I am interested…

Landing Pages

We create highly engaging landing pages that are well designed and tested to convert as many new prospects into new leads for your business. Yes, I am interested…

Google Ads

We create highly targeted Google Ads, to convert prospects into new leads for your business, via targeted campaigns and dedicated landing pages. Yes, I am interested…

Email Campaigns

We create highly engaging email campaigns that will be sent out to your leads getting them to engage with your brand and share your products and services. Yes, I am interested…

Facebook Business Page

We will also setup or redesign your Facebook business page to represent your brand in a professional way, ensuring that your Facebook business page can be found by prospects and customers. Yes, I am interested…

Facebook Advertising

We create Facebook Ads to grow your brand awareness, capture new leads, and build trust with your existing followers. Yes, I am interested…

Email Automation

We also create life-like email automations that will constantly nurture your new and existing leads, converting them into customers 24/7. Yes, I am interested…

Data Analytics

We  will create custom data reports from your campaigns so that we can make calculated decisions to keep improving them, get you the most for your budget. Yes, I am interested…

What You Say & How You Say it Matters

When it comes to content, our team holds all the skills to make your brand stand out!

In today’s busy world of marketing, your customers are bombarded with over 3000 different marketing messages per day, which is why what your brand has to say and how it says it makes a bigger impact than you may think! Therefore we place a lot of our focus on your content, to ensure your message fully captures your audience’s attention, and makes them stop, and engage with your brand!


Our in-house graphics department will create engaging images and art-work, capturing your prospect’s attention and presenting your brand in a professional manner.


The content we create for your strategy, will match your brand and strategy message, supporting the uniquely designed art-work, and influencing leads to take action.


We have partnered up with some of the best production companies, to ensure that your videos that we created for your campaigns and strategy instantly capture your audience’s attention.

Data Analytics

Data allows us to make calculated decisions for your strategy!

Every campaign and touch point that your prospects and leads have with your brand will be measured and scored accordingly by our data analytics team. The data will be captured, and your strategy will be improved allowing your marketing budget to reach more and more people over time, improving your conversions from leads.

Don’t attempt this on your own!

Trying to do everything on your own will burn out your funding & drive your business into the ground

Research has shown that trying to implement your own digital marketing strategy could cost you more than you might think, and having all the skill sets of a full marketing team that you employ to work in your own business could easily cost you a small fortune, not even mentioning having a team that has the skills and expertise of years of digital marketing experience to make the important strategic decisions, for the best outcome.

By employing us to do this for you, you can sit back and focus on what you’re good at instead of having to manage a full marketing team in your work space.

Partners & Suppliers

Below here you will find some of our proud partners and suppliers we work with to deliver your professional marketing strategy.

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