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Focused on growing brands & helping agencies to scale

At RAS Digital Marketing, we focus on two different segments of the market. If you find yourself wanting to start or grow a digital marketing agency, we can help you. And if you’re an existing business, wanting to grow your brand, generate new leads, and customers, then you’re definitely at the right place!

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Digital Marketing Funnel

The key to growing your brand & generating new leads and customers…

At RAS Digital Marketing, our focus is on getting your audience to know you better, by building a long and trusting relationship with them. We do this by creating and implementing a complete digital marketing strategy and funnel, that relates to your prospects, amplifies the need or pain points, and then solves it with your offer.

Acquire & Retain Customers

We make sure your business acquires new customers & retains them

In order to grow your business or agency, we have designed a digital marketing model called the RAS Model. This model will not only acquire new leads and customers for your business, but will also help you to retain your existing customers, and obtain additional revenue from them.

Services & Packages

We cover the complete digital marketing experience of the funnel

In order for your new digital marketing strategy to work as designed, and achieve a sustainable ROAS, we will implement the following:

Social Media Management

We manage your social media pages, by creating and posting rich content, growing your brand exposure and online reputation.

Email Campaigns

We create highly engaging email campaigns, getting your leads to engage with your brand and share your products or services.

Google Advertising

We create highly targeted Google Ads, converting prospects into new leads, via targeted campaigns and landing pages.

Email Automation

We also create life-like email automations that will constantly nurture your new and existing leads, converting them into customers 24/7.

Facebook Advertising

We create Facebook Ads to grow your brand awareness, capture new leads, and build trust with your existing followers.

Landing Pages

We create highly engaging landing pages that are well designed and tested, converting many new prospects into new leads.

Let Us Help Your Agency, or Business

At RAS Digital Marketing, we focus on two different segments of the market. If you find yourself wanting to start or grow a digital marketing agency, we can help you. Or you might be an existing business, needing to grow your brand, generate new leads, and customers, then you are definitely at the right place!

Blog Posts

We share our digital marketing experience with you through blog posts, which is aimed at helping you to grow your business or agency’s brand and revenue for FREE.

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