Lead Generation Funnel Model

Navigating the complexities of online lead generation demands more than a basic advertisement; it requires a strategic approach tailored to your business’s unique needs.

In our latest video blog, one of our top digital marketing consultants dives deep into how a modest advertising budget can be transformed into an impressive R130,000 in monthly revenue using the digital marketing funnels crafted at RAS Digital Marketing.

Understanding the Lead Generation Funnel Objective

The first step in crafting an effective digital marketing funnel is to thoroughly understand your current business landscape.

Whether your company is a startup or a seasoned player, grasping your existing social media presence and previous digital marketing efforts is pivotal.

Additionally, we evaluate your products or services to determine the optimal marketing margin, ensuring every campaign is not only tailored but also profitable.

Video & Blog Overview

For a comprehensive understanding of our process, you can choose to watch the detailed video below or continue reading this blog for an in-depth textual explanation.

Crafting a Realistic Lead Generation Marketing Budget

Setting a marketing budget shouldn’t be left to intuition. Similar to procuring inventory or building a structure, establishing a marketing budget requires meticulous planning based on projected lead volumes and historical conversion rates.

In our video, we discuss how one of our clients established their budget by analysing the required lead count and existing conversion data, which allowed us to identify scale opportunities and budget thresholds effectively.

Sketching Out the Digital Marketing Funnel Blueprint

With the foundational data in place, our team proceeds to design the digital marketing funnel blueprint. This blueprint serves as a roadmap, detailing every step prospective clients will take, from initial contact through conversion. Our strategic planning ensures every touchpoint is optimised to convert leads into high-quality prospects and filter out uninterested parties before they reach your sales team.

Planning & Utilising Effective Assets

After establishing the blueprint, we move on to asset planning. This crucial stage involves creating and organizing the resources necessary for the funnel’s success, such as:

  • Landing Page: A well-designed landing page that informs the lead about the offer and encourages action.
  • Success Page: A follow-up page that confirms information capture and evaluates the landing page’s success.
  • Sales & Checkout Pages: Pages that facilitate the purchasing process and offer opportunities for direct transactions or scheduled payments.
  • Upsell Opportunities: Post-purchase offers that enhance customer value and increase revenue.
  • Email Marketing Journey: A series of targeted emails designed to re-engage leads and drive them back to special offer pages, potentially with limited-time promotions.

The Message in the Funnel 

Every aspect of the content, from Facebook and Google Ads to banners and video shorts across various platforms, is meticulously crafted by our creative team to ensure professionalism and target audience engagement.

Our aim is not just to reach an audience, but to resonate with them, driving higher conversion rates through compelling and relevant messaging.

Analysing the Numbers & ROAS

Unlike less thorough agencies, we provide detailed reports covering every touchpoint within the funnel.

This allows us to pinpoint where leads may be dropping off and where to focus efforts and budget for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


Our approach to digital marketing funnels is designed to maximize your ROAS, ensuring that every cent of your budget is spent wisely to yield the best possible returns.

If you’re ready to see how RAS Digital Marketing can help skyrocket your business growth, click here and let us help your business.

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