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You wouldn’t date someone without getting to know them first, and you definitely wouldn’t and shouldn’t do business without knowing more about the company first too, and what they stand for. So, this page is dedicated to telling you a little bit more about our business as a digital marketing agency, and why we do what we do.

Not Just Another Ordinary Cookie Cutter Digital Marketing Agency…

It is About Us at RAS Digital Marketing, and where we came from 8 years of gruelling research and expensive lessons.


Crazy long hours, coffee, KFC, and way too many expensive lessons!


Millions was spent on trying to come up with a digital marketing funnel, that could actually be used across the board for a variety of different industries.


Which was to bring in, well qualified leads, while growing brand awareness and expanding revenue at the same time.

Where It All Started…

So, about 8 years ago, The Learning Tree (Pty) Ltd was registered and launched.


This was going to become the next Uber, and the Airbnb of online business education platforms.


The two founders split their skills into two different divisions.


One would create course content, and the other would take on the role of marketing the business online.


This turned out to be a lot harder than anyone could have imagined!


After launching The Learning Tree, the business had a fully functional online platform, website, social media channels, the works, but no one was buying anything!?!?!


Right about now, you are probably as confused as we were at the time…


I’m sure you have all heard the joke, if your business is not making money, then you do not have a business, you have an expensive hobby.


That was us!


Yes, we would have been laughed out of the Entrepreneur magazine for even thinking we could play on the same field as other actual entrepreneurs. LOL

Close But No Cigar…

This slow grinding process, which felt more like a sinking-ship, this went on for more than 2 years!


Endless amounts of money was spent on marketing, more than 1000 online campaigns were ran monthly, and close to a 100 were ran daily, just to try and find the perfect market that would be interested in buying from The Learning Tree.

Tipping The Scales



By 2014, Jean-Pierre Ras, the one founder and partner, decided to do something different.


He created a landing page, with a free lead magnet, along with a special conversion funnel.


And suddenly, all the pieces came together.


This tactic had turned into an actual profitable sales process, along with a new and better way of researching and reaching markets.

Cracking The Digital Marketing Code

Jean-Pierre likes to refer to this process that he created as – “Cracking The Digital Marketing Code”.


And guess what, today he is the guy who gets invited to speak at business events about this process.

Get With The Program!

Jean-Pierre knew that there were millions of people looking for what The Learning Tree platform had to offer.


But the way you build, position your brand and create awareness online, is definitely different from more traditional methods of marketing!

The 4th Industrial Revolution

People and businesses need to seriously stop looking at old fashioned ways of advertising and start taking Digital Marketing more seriously.


We live in a world where everything is going digital, so businesses really have no choice but to go digital too, especially if they want to thrive in a world of constant global change.


The day he cracked this digital marketing code, he went from gaining 5-10 new business leads every day, to now gaining between 200-300 + new business leads every day.


All the while still spending the exact same amount of his marketing budget.

Game Changer

This totally changed the game of business for him, as well as The Learning Tree team.


As it opened his eyes to a new world of digital marketing, and the strategy that was needed for business expansion.


About 6 months after cracking this code, The Learning Tree platform went from about 200, to over 20 000 subscribers, and up to this day, the business platform is still growing rapidly, with new strategies that are constantly being implemented from gaining new customer data.

Why use RAS Digital Marketing over other agencies?

After a couple of months, Jean-Pierre Ras, decided to create his own online course on The Learning Tree platform, teaching people how to implement this Digital Marketing Strategy into their own businesses.


This new course of his, went on to become one of The Learning Tree’s flag ship courses, outselling most of the other courses on the platform, and helping small to medium business grow their brand awareness and revenue.

New Beginnings…

So, in 2019, Jean-Pierre realised that there was a massive market for businesses who absolutely needed this exact Digital Marketing Strategy.


Yes they were using some or other form of digital marketing, but most of them just weren’t bringing in the amount of leads that Jean-Pierre’s Digital Marketing Strategy was reaping in.

Many of the companies also didn’t have the time to go do his course and teach themselves.


All they wanted was to pay a digital marketing expert to do the job for them.


This led to the launch of RAS Digital Marketing (Pty) Ltd. and the team behind this brand.


At RAS Digital Marketing, we make sure that our customer’s interest are aligned with ours, putting them first every step of the way.


Choose us, because our past experience and results speak for us!

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