To The Lost Entrepreneur

The Business Warriors

To every single business warrior and entrepreneur who is feeling lost, who is too scared to start because of failure being a possibility, what others may say, or whatever your reason, read the entrepreneurial factual stories below, I hope they serve as a motivator for you to push through the fear of starting your own business, and persevere.

And lastly, below you will find a letter that I have written specially for you!

Mind Blowing Entrepreneurial Stories

  • Nokia rejected Android
  • Yahoo rejected Google
  • Kodak turned down digital cameras
  • Blockbuster rejected Netflix

Business Warrior Lessons

  • Take risks
  • Keep moving
  • Accept the change
  • And again, keep moving

Competitor Entrepreneurial Stories

  • Facebook took over WhatsApp and Instagram
  • Grab took over Uber in South East Asia

Business Warrior Lessons

  • Become so powerful that your competitors want to be your allies
  • Reach top position and work smart with the competition

Entrepreneurial Success Stories

  • Colonel Sanders founded KFC at the age of 65
  • Jack Ma, who couldn’t get a job at KFC, went on to be the founder of Alibaba, he retired at the age if 32

Business Warrior Lessons

  • Age is just a number
  • Only those who keep trying will succeed (it’s a natural law)

And Here’s My Personal Favourite…

Lamborgini was founded as a result of the revenge of a tractor owner, who was insulted by Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari.

Business Warrior Lessons

  • Never underestimate anyone, ever!
  • Just keep working hard, meeting your daily goals will get you to the big goal
  • Invest your time wisely

To the mother getting up at 3 am to feed her babies, and to get ready for her 9 to 5 job, where she feels stuck, like a hamster on a spin wheel, going nowhere slowly, or just battling to make ends meet, this is for you.

To the father coming home from his 9 to 5, getting ready for his second job just to keep his family afloat, this is for you.

To the people who have lost their jobs or been retrenched, this is for you.

Remember, you are not alone.

To the divorced housewife, who has nothing, but hungry mouths to feed, not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel, this is for you.

Sometimes, if we allow it, we can let the darkness lead us into the light.

To the person sitting on the steps as he watches the debt collectors carry out their family couch and tv etc.

You are not alone!

To the people who have tried just about everything to put food on the table, and have hit a brick wall, now finding suicide as the only option left, this is for you.

To the young boy working two jobs just to look after his mother and siblings, this is for you.

To every single person who is fighting a gruelling battle, I raise my glass to you!

For you have been carefully selected for this task, you have been chosen to move this mountain.

I will say it again, you have been uniquely designed and built for this task.

You have been chosen to show others that this mountain can be moved. Others who have already given up need to see you move the mountain, so that they can have hope to rise once again.

You are the frontiers of the battlefield, it takes insane bravery and courage to fight for what one believes in. It takes bravery and courage to make a stand and choose a different journey from the rest of the crowd.

Remember, the crowd is a safe place, but like every empire, it eventually crumbles.

So, build your own empire!

Be the warrior that I know you can be. The one you were designed and destined to be!

And yes, your back might be up against the wall, but you know you can go up against all odds and make this happen.


Because you and I both know you’ve been through worse.

Step up to the challenge, like a night, sitting at King Arthur’s round table. Take your seat, and rise to the challenge.

Let me tell you something…

You are a warrior! No matter where you find yourself in life, behind a kitchen sink, unemployed, washing dishes in a restaurant, retired or just someone going nowhere…

You my fellow entrepreneur…

You are a business warrior!

So, make the decision, decide who you want to be, decide to be the warrior, and then go out there and make sure everything you do, creates a powerful life, make sure everything you do, paves the way for that of a successful entrepreneurial warrior! Once you get your habits in place, you will start to gain momentum, and things will start speeding up from there. Just keep pushing and persevering.

One day down, is one day closer to where you want to be.

And yes, business is a totally different breed of animal, but you’ve got this.

You have been wired, uniquely structured, and built for this, why…

Because you are a business warrior!

And yes, it’s an uphill battle from day 1, there are no easy outs or snooze buttons to fall back on.

It’s you in the jungle, the world of business is a jungle of a different kind. Make sure it’s your jungle.



In every possible way, own it. Even on the days that you feel like giving up, as long as you are still pushing through, you are still owning your territory as a business warrior.

And every day down is a day closer to winning the battle, to being successful and reaching your goals.

Learn and master your tricks of the trade and own them. No one is you, and that’s your super – power. Forget about your weaknesses and zoom in on your strengths, your weakness will eventually get stronger too. It’s a natural law.

Don’t stop to bark back at the dogs along the way, they will only slow you down.

Once you are on speed, you only have to keep going, you have momentum. Perseverance and a strong mentality will get you through.

And remember, this is may not be your last battle, but with each win, you will only build more resistance and perseverance.

So, stand up and decide. Who are you? Who are you going to be?

Now get your head down and start grinding, do what you need to do to make it happen in business. And never forget, you come from a team of warriors!

I want this to be a message of hope and motivation. So, get up and get started, let go of the excuses, and start right now, with what you have.


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