Why is Your Business Not Going to Make It?

If you own a business you know exactly how hard it is, not only to run your business, but also to find new prospects for your business, build the brand, and convert leads into customers day after day, the cycle never ends!

This is the lifeblood of your business – No Marketing No Business It’s That Simple!

You also might have invested a lot of time, and money into building your new website, only to find 3 months down the line that no one is coming to your website.

You then decide that it’s time to start building some brand awareness, you open a Facebook business page, list your website on the Google search engine, even do some networking, and open a couple of other social media channels while you are at it because you noticed that your competitors are doing the same.

Maybe you even spent some money on paid social media ads…

Have I misread my market…

You do all of this to only later discover not much has changed. Your Facebook page is getting a couple of likes, and some people will send you a message from time to time, but page likes and comments don’t convert into paying customers. You start to think, have I misread my market…

Things just don’t seem to be getting any better!

Your business is not going to make it!

The reality is that your business is going nowhere, your competitors are stealing all your potential customers, and the business is generating almost no revenue!

Unfortunately, we have to tell you… your business is not going to make it, and the writing is on the wall as your cash flow starts to show negative numbers, the thought of closing your doors is becoming a reality.

Don’t think you are excluded from this.

If you are a startup, don’t think you are excluded from this vicious cycle. Your business is about to follow in the same footsteps as so many other businesses. The day is coming and it’s only a matter of time before you will one day remember reading this document.

70% Or more of businesses fail

That saying, 70% of businesses fail in their first 1-2 years is true and we have found that the number of failed businesses is actually higher than you might think and your business is about to join the 70%+ statistics, maybe not today, but it’s coming if something does not change ASAP!

There is a saying: It’s not the strongest or the smartest people that survive, it’s those who can adapt and change with times that will survive.

We are sorry to inform you, that your business does not stand a chance. Your competitors have well-designed digital marketing funnels, and they are getting priority over your customers, they also get a constant flow of new traffic to their websites every day, and that number is growing every day, forcing you out of business, and by the time you have woken up, it will be too late.

How can you stop this from happening?

Good news, and yes there is light at the end of the tunnel for your business. The only thing is, how fast are you going to make this change, your business future depends on it more than you might think.

The problem with your business is that no one knows about you, even if you post things on social media or do your best in trying to SEO your website. You have a great product or service and the key is to start marketing but in a different way. Change is needed and the old way is not working anymore.

We empowered your competitors

The reason your competitors are crushing you is that they have well-designed digital marketing funnels, we build those funnels for your competitors at RAS Digital Marketing, and we can show you how to build your own.

The chances of getting it right are almost ZERO!

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Program has been designed to help you grow your brand, and generate new leads and customers for your business 24/7. You might have attempted your own paid ads on Facebook or Google before, but we can guarantee that the chances of getting it right are almost ZERO!

Most digital marketing attempts, on social media or Google almost always fail. It is because business owners have no idea what they are doing, and the only ones benefiting from this are Facebook & Google, as they end up smiling all the way to the bank with their hard-earned money.

The key to success is a digital buyer’s journey

The reason for this is that most businesses don’t understand the customer’s buying journey, and how to bring this journey into an online funnel. Also, the reason why your competitors are crushing you and doing so well, is that they have a funnel in place, that follows the Cold, Warm, and Hot process of converting traffic into customers.

99% Of people will not buy from you on day one

People don’t buy from businesses they do not trust or know, this is why warming your customers up is so important. This is why we follow the Cold, Warm, and Hot process that you will learn to implement for your business.

In this program, you will learn exactly how to build your own funnel, and before you know it, traffic will start to flow to your social media pages. That traffic will enter your new digital marketing funnel, and start to convert a percentage into paying customers.

The best thing about all of this is not only being able to get new customers every day but the digital marketing funnel we will teach you works on autopilot 24/7 for your business.

Having your own sales team

Think of it as having a whole sales team whose job is to constantly go out and build your brand, and bring you new customers 24/7. This is how a digital marketing funnel works.

If you require any help with your digital marketing campaigns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Simply click here.

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