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We have found that Facebook Insights work so well, that we do not even start a campaign until we have spent a couple of hours researching our market by using Facebook Insights.

Back in 2012, when we started our journey in running Facebook ads, we had to rely on methods of targeting people who are:

  • Of a selected age
  • what they might be interested in
  • Are they male or female?

Since 2012 things have changed a lot. Today we can research a market by using Facebook Insights. All this before running a single ad to them and wasting any money.

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Why Facebook Insights Work So Well

Facebook Insights will allow you to research your market. Once you have completed the process you can save these audience. Create a campaign that will only be sent to people that match the profile you have created in the Facebook audience insights.

If you look at something like a big billboard next to the road, that board will be seen by millions of people. Basically any and everyone who will be passing it by every day.

What if you could create a billboard that could only be seen, by the people who you want it to be seen by? As well as having control over when this billboard must be shown to people. What if, we could even, have the billboard follow people around in different locations?

This is the power of Facebook advertising, and Facebook Insights!

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This video series has been filmed by Baker Brothers Studios

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