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After months of testing and spending a lot of marketing money, in different marketing channels and platforms, we found that Facebook gave us leads at the lowest cost. Follow below to find out Which Marketing Channel We Use to Gain 20 000 Plus Leads.

Now, there are two sides to this process

Which Marketing Channel We Use to Gain 20 000 Plus Leads

Yes, Facebook gave us the most leads at lowest cost. The downside to this was that we found the leads would take 3 times longer to convert into customers.

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We were OK with this. As we knew that we would rather build long term relationships with our future customers. Rather than just telling them, we have a service that could help their business, and sell to them the next day.

The benefit to all of this was:

  • Gaining new leads at a lower cost
  • And we built partnerships with other smaller business’s that came into our funnel as well, even though they did not buy from us they would go on to endorse our brand and share a lot of our content giving us even more brand reach over the years

Which Marketing Channel We Use to Gain 20 000 Plus Leads


Below, is an example of our leads, and how we extract the quality from them over time.

Every 100 leads that we would get in, 20% of them would show interested in what we had. It’s not to say that all those 20% would buy from us. Only about 2-4% would purchase from us, in a space of 15-30 days.

We would nurture and engage with the remaining 80% over a longer period of time. Warming them up to eventually buy. We would then extract an extra 2% sales from them in a space of 90-180 days.

The people who were left in the list would eventually unsubscribe. Or we would remove them after about 12 months based on them not opening our emails or completely ignoring us.

In Conclusion

Which Marketing Channel We Use to Gain 20 000 Plus Leads

This whole process lead us to reach more than 1 million people, and gain more than 20 000 leads, in the space of 1 year.

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