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So, what is a Facebook tracking pixel, and how does it work in my Facebook business page and the ads that I am running. Read below  in my blog, What Is a Facebook Tracking Pixel, and How Does It Work?

Before you read on, you need to understand that adding a Facebook pixel to your website is a must. Even if you’re not running any Facebook ads!

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This pixel is going to allow you to track people that visit your Facebook page, what content they click on to gain access to your website, and what content gives you the most engagement.

Not having this pixel installed on your website, will be like driving to a destination, and not having a clue on where you are. Or, how far you are away from the destination, it’s that important!

So, you are going to want to gain access to your Facebook’s business manager, and locate your tracking pixel from there.

Once you have your tracking pixel, you can install it into your website. Follow the 4 basic steps that Facebook will take you through in the back-end of your Facebook business manager. If someone else created your website, you will also see the option to send them this code.

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What Is a Facebook Tracking Pixel, and How Does It Work?

Have you gathered your thoughts after reading my blog above, to answer the question for yourself!

The nice thing about this process is, that you only have to do it once. You will not have to do it again, once it is installed on your website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the comment section below here. I will reply to you in this microblog. 

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