Use Facebook and Instagram for Your Business


Did you know that Facebook owns Instagram. Your Instagram audience can see when you create a campaign inside of Facebook, at the same time! Follow my Blog below to find out how to Use Facebook and Instagram for Your Business.

I recommend testing this in your own business, when creating your campaign. You will see an option from where you can connect your Instagram business page, to your Facebook business page.

I designed these microblogs specially for you to use practically. Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding this topic. Please use the comment section below for this.

Do this, how to Use Facebook and Instagram for Your Business and let your ad run to both audiences on both platforms.

Your followers on Instagram can also see when you create ad only. As well as, people who have Instagram accounts who match the audience you are trying to market to.


This involves businesses communicating to individuals, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn as well.

This interaction can be:

Reactive:  People who have messaged your brand

Proactive: People you reach out to

Social media is called, microblogging, just for interest sake. Start your business. Take the steps
to move from ambition to action, interaction!

In Closure

Try it, start to Use Facebook and Instagram for Your Business

Go and test it for yourself. You might see that you gain even more leads, depending on your industry on Instagram. After some time, review your data and see what platform gave you the best leads at the lowest cost.

Sharpen your skills with the help of social media technology to enhance your business.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the comment section below here. I will reply to you in this microblog. 

This video series has been filmed by Baker Brothers Studios

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