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Revenue Streams

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The revenue stream is the only complicated process of the business model.

The more services you add to your business, the more revenue streams you will have, but you will also have more costs and needed activities to service the different revenue streams.

Below we have listed all the services that your agency will be offering, along with the possible revenue which you could expect from them:

  • Facebook Lead Generation at R3 000/pm
  • Facebook Conversions at R3 000/pm
  • Facebook Page Likes at R3 000/pm
  • Facebook Messenger at R3 000/pm
  • Facebook Business Page at R2 000/pm


Now that you have listed all of the services that you will be offering, you need to connect them to your customer segments.

The goal here is to decide what percentage of the market you could reach with your marketing budget, and then based on that, how many of them could potentially become your clients.

By doing this you can forecast how successful your agency could be.

Go ahead and implement the steps you have seen in this task, into your business model.