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The partner program will be taking you through four different phases in starting and growing your new or existing agency.

It’s important to take note, this is not an online course. This program is designed much like purchasing a franchise, from where you receive all the needed systems, knowledge, and tools to start your agency.

The only difference between this program and a franchise is that you will be implementing your own business name and branding. You will also be provided with different strategies that will provide your agency with its own USP (unique selling points).

Each of the four phases plays an important role in forming a foundation for the next phase.

The model we have used in this program is based on an existing digital marketing agency that has a proven track record.

Let’s take a quick look at the different phases, and what you can expect from them:

1: Bootstrap Phase

In this phase you will implement the foundation of your agency, you will also learn the basics of digital marketing and build confidence in structuring your own campaigns. This will generate brand awareness for your services, and provide you with the needed skills to start signing up your first clients, as well as the basics to run Facebook campaigns and funnels.

2: Start-up Phase

In this phase, you will build on the foundation which you created in phase 1, and start the process of securing your first batch of customers. We will also be covering the design of your digital marketing website, how to become oversubscribed, as well as advanced Facebook advertising for your own agency, and clients who you signup.

3: Stable Phase

The stable phase is one of the phases that you could be spending most of your time on, as this phase requires your agency to become stable. When we talk about stability, it’s important that you follow our process step by step, to ensure your own client’s campaigns are delivering stable results, as this will advance your agency into the growth phase, as well as reduce your own customer churn.

4: Growth Phase

Once you have reached the growth phase, your agency would have been generating consistent revenue, your own marketing funnels are bringing in a constant flow of leads, and your own clients are seeing a consistent ROAS. This will enable you to scale your agency. In this last phase, we will advise you on the best ways to start marketing aggressively and scale your agency by employing in-house staff and making use of freelancers.

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