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When we built this program, we worked closely with entrepreneurs and small businesses owners who explained to us, that one of the many challenges they faced, was not having the confidence to tell their clients to trust them with their marketing budgets.

So, we wanted to use a model that would help you gain both confidence and knowledge, to structure not only your own agency, but also simulate a campaign before launching it, and implementing it in a real-life scenario.

Let’s have a look at how this program will be helping you in gaining the confidence you need to signup clients and run the campaigns.


Each of the phases, milestones, and tasks, is filled with the needed knowledge to help you understand how digital marketing works, what you should be doing to help your agency start and grow, as well as how to run successful campaigns for your clients.


Once you have the basic knowledge, the program and worksheets will help you structure your tasks, ensuring that your agency takes the correct shape.


This is where you will simulate your agency, the goal here is to work with one of our expert consultants, and have them simulate a lead who is interested in your services, and go through the process of you turning them into a client.


Any campaign you run for a client will first be implemented in your own agency. By doing this you will learn how to work through a couple of bugs that you might have, before implementing a campaign into your client’s business.

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