Understanding Your Facebook Ads In “Review”

Prior to launching your ads on Facebook or Instagram, Facebook conducts a review in accordance with Meta Advertising Standards.

This process is automatic and occurs before the ads commence, with the status of your ad visible in the Delivery column of Meta Ads Manager.

How Facebook ad review works

The ad review process primarily relies on automated technology to apply the Advertising Standards to the different ads.

Human reviewers have been employed to enhance and train the automated systems and, in certain instances, manually assess specific ads.

The ad review system assesses ads for potential violations of their Advertising Standards.

It’s important to note that not all ads undergo review against every policy before receiving impressions, although all ads remain subject to re-review at any point.

Facebook is continually refining their enforcement system by experimenting with and implementing new approaches to ensure a fair and efficient ad review process.

For instance, an advertiser’s historical compliance with your Advertising Standards may be taken into consideration when determining whether a particular ad necessitates further review for a specific policy.

The review process encompasses various components of an ad, including images, video, text, targeting information, and the ad’s destination, which refers to where the ad guides individuals who click on it, such as a web page.

Following the review, an ad is either rejected or approved for running based on the assessment results.

How long the ad review process takes

The majority of ads undergo review within 24 hours, although in certain instances, the process may extend beyond that timeframe.

It’s important to note that ads can be subject to additional reviews, even after they have gone live.

If you wish to initiate an ad on a specific future date or time, you have the option to schedule it.

Although the ad undergoes review upon submission, delivery will not commence until the scheduled start date.

Limitations of Facebook ad review

Evaluating ads from millions of advertisers worldwide against Advertising Standards is crucial but comes with its challenges.

Their enforcement mechanisms are not flawless, and errors can arise from both automated processes and human judgment.

It takes time to achieve accurate and consistent enforcement of the new standards.

However, with accumulating data and feedback, their machine learning models enhance and become more effective.

Continuous improvement is a focus of their enforcement systems.

They continually test and implement new approaches to ensure a fair and efficient ad review process.

This may involve considering an advertiser’s historical compliance with Advertising Standards or taking customer feedback into account when assessing their ads before delivering impressions.


If you feel that your ad, ad set, campaign, or item has been wrongly rejected, you have the option to request a re-evaluation through Meta Business Support Home.

It’s important to note that adjustments to your ad’s bid amount, budget, or ad set schedule will not trigger a review.

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