The RAS Hourglass Model

This model will accomplish 3 different goals that support each other when gaining new leads, and customers for your business, as well as creating good and lasting relationships with your customers, turning them into raving fans of your products and services.

The Complete Process

To accomplish the goals of locating prospects, converting them into leads/customers, and turning them into fans, we need to take the prospects through a process.

We use the RAS Hourglass process. This process has 2 different sections to it. The top is known as the prospecting stage, and the bottom is the retaining stage.

The prospecting stage locates new prospects, and takes them through a process of engaging with your business, turning them into new leads and customers in the process.

The retention stage will build a relationship with your new and existing customers, turning them into fans of your products and services, referring their contacts to your business, helping to fill up your hourglass with new prospects and leads.

The outer process is called the “Scaling Shell”, which in totality drives continuous growth for your business.


The prospecting stage is the first step in this model. The prospecting stage gains new, and highly qualified prospects for the RHM (RAS Hourglass Model), fulling up the marketing and sales pipeline for you.


The converting stage is the center point of the RHM, in this stage the model will convert as many of the prospects gained from stage 1, into new qualified leads and customers for your business.


In this last stage, the RHM will work in building outstanding relationships with your customers over time, helping to upsell your products & services to them, and turn them into fans who refer your business to others.

How Does Prospecting Work?

The prospecting stage of this model aims to relate to prospects, then amplify their needs, and end with solving their problems and needs with your products and solutions. 


In this first stage the goal is to relate to the prospect’s pain or needs, understand what they are struggling with, and build trust.


In the amplify stage we need to increase the customers pain point, tell them what will happen if this pain (problem) that they have is not solved, and create an urgency that will convert them into the next stage of the model.


By now you would have built up trust with your prospect, related to their pain point, as well as amplified what will happen if it’s not solved. Next, you introduce them to the solution in the last stage, which enables you to then convert them into a qualified lead and customer.

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How Does Retaining Work?

This stage can only be entered when a prospect has converted into a customer. The aim of the SAR ( support, ad-on, refer) process is to build a better relationship with your customers, upsell to them and finally turn them into raving fans, who help to grow the business.


After the lead has converted into a customer, you need to deliver on what was promised, and start building a long lasting relationship with your customers, through great support and constant engagement.


Once the customer has experienced how outstanding your products & services are, it’s time to upsell the other products & services that you have, we call this the ad-on stage.


By now you have built an outstand relationship with your customers, they have maybe even purchased some of the other products & services which you have, it’s time to ask for a referral, so you can add more prospects and leads to the RHM model.

R 120 000 RHM Simulation

We created a basic simulation to give you a better idea on how the RHM model could work for your business. This simulation will show you how prospects enter the RHM, convert into customers, as well as give you an idea on what the potential ROI could be for your business.


We find 1000 new prospects for your business in month 1.


We turn 400 of those prospects into potentials in month 1.


Out of the 400 potentials, we convert 200 potentials into leads for your business in month 1.


You now have 200 leads, and 30 of them buy from you at the value of R2 000 each. Your first month’s revenue is R60 000.


Out of 30 customers, 5 of them buy your next upgraded version of your products or services at R5 000 each, giving you an extra R25 000 revenue.


Lastly, 2 of your loyal fans refer your business, and you gain an extra 5 qualified leads at the value of R7000 each.

For example, combining all the revenue from the simulation above, will give a total of R 120 000 ROI, for your first month.

The Scaling Shell Model

The scaling shell model is based on the Fibonacci principle and a sea shell, and the way it grows by adding to the outside of itself, expanding and gaining size and strength.​

Your digital marketing model will work the same. The RHM model starts small, it will learn about your customers, perfecting their profiles, and the marketing content that is delivered to them.​

Each time this process is completed by prospects and customers, they will refer your business and help to scale your digital marketing process outwards, saving you from having to spend more on marketing cost.​

Our team at RAS Digital Marketing, will constantly be working on moving your digital marketing model through the scaling shell model to improve your leads, and give you more customers.

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