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This is a mistake that I only found out about, a lot later in my Facebook’s business page. Hence, Correcting it was a simple task. Follow my blog below to read about The Biggest Mistake I Made with My Facebook Business Page.

I am sure that by now you must have gone to Google, after that, you typed in a business name of a company or service which you have been looking for. You found it right up at the top of the search. It was the first link, and was about to take you to their Facebook business page.


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Okay, so what am I talking about here?

See the image below if you don’t understand…

There are vital steps you need to do, in addition to help your business to be found by people looking for you. You are going to not only want to ensure that you have setup your Facebook page correctly, but also, most of all, make sure you have added in your keywords to the content of your page.

The main section that you want to make sure is in your page is your username. This is the content that will display at the back of the URL of your Facebook business page.

See the example of RAS Digital Marketing’s Facebook business page below:

As you can see, at the end of the URL, is our username /rasdigitalmarketing/ – the word RAS is our brand and our main focus keyword is Digital Marketing.

Go and have a look at your Facebook business page. Take a look, and ensure that your main keyword or business name is in your URL.

You will help your business to be searched and found in the search engines, in addition, by doing this.

The Biggest Mistake I Made with My Facebook Business Page

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I can kick myself today, when i think about all the free traffic I missed out on, by not doing this when I created my first Business’, Facebook business page.

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