The Best Marketing Network Techniques

Proven marketing network techniques

I have described a few powerful proven marketing network techniques that work during business networking.

How to capture your target market

Coach yourself to better capture your target market’s audience.

These powerful and proven marketing network techniques will get you actual results. And real connections when attending a business networking event.

Who can benefit from the best marketing network blog techniques…

So, basically, this blog is for business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs, and basically anyone who works with people.

I hope you enjoy the conversation below as well as the research that went into it. And please feel free to join the conversation by commenting in the “comment section”

Here are a few marketing network techniques

Right, so, let’s have a look at a few marketing network techniques that you can use during business networking…

How to resuscitate a dying conversation during your marketing techniques

So, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when meeting someone new at a networking event? Or any other social gathering for that matter?

I can certainly think of a few responses. But the most common thought that comes to mind would be – “And what do you do?”

The above is definitely the most common opening line to meeting new people and to networking. But in some ways, you may be scaring people away.

My failed marketing network techniques

I remember my first few years in business. I went to these networking events, not out of free will. But mostly because I was supposed to be in the “people development business”.

And I was SUPPOSED to be good at this…

Sadly, I used to be one of those people who wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed when having to network.

This is why I wrote this blog on how to use powerful and proven marketing techniques that actually work. And come naturally during networking or any other social meeting for that matter.

Small talk marketing network techniques

Small talk is like making music to some, and to others, it may be worse than pulling teeth. But back to music, yes, the first step to making small talk without strangling the conversation is to listen to the tone of your listeners and speakers…

Think music, think dancing, find the rhythm and match theirs.

If you are sitting at a table, always sit forward, which shows you are interested in what they have to say.

The whole point of networking techniques

And yes, I know the whole point of networking is having an agenda behind you.

You either want to get referrals, job leads, connections, and new opportunities for future growth…

But wouldn’t you rather do it with a sense of building real, authentic relationships, based on genuine interactions? Or at the very least, with class and tact?

Rapport-building marketing network techniques

Let’s face it, whether we’re at a networking event, dates, or sales pitches, we’re all wondering, what do they really think, do I look okay?  

I hope I look like what I’m supposed to look like to be at this networking event.

Do they like me, or do they not like me?

All painfully real, and doubtful thoughts that are usually going through our brains at networking or social events.

The best advice I’ve heard for a marketing technique

The best advice I have ever heard when it comes to meeting new people or attending networking events, is, “The other person will like you based on how much interest and care you show in what they are saying”.

This is a powerful and proven marketing network technique for networking events, because at its simplest – “like, likes like!

Eye contact marketing network techniques

You have to pay careful attention to cultural norms based on where you are, and who you are talking to when it comes to using the eye contact technique.

Ask yourself, is it culturally relevant and accepted, is it okay, or is it offensive?

You have to realize that in some cultures, intense eye contact could mean sorcery, in others, it could be seen as just plain rude.

Be culture-sensitive during networking

In cultures such as ours, more Western, eye contact marketing network techniques can get you very far, and would be seen as an advantage in business, as it indicates strength and confidence like no other.

Interesting research on eye contact

Boston Consulting Group Centre conducted a study, to research the precise effect of eye contact on people.

The researchers took two groups of people Group A and Group B.

The two groups were asked to sit across from one another, in pairings of two, one from each group.

They were instructed to have a casual two-minute conversation. But they then tricked half of the participants into maintaining eye contact, by directing them to count the number of times their partner blinked. The other group of participants received no special instructions for the chat but were told to keep the conversation going.

And then, when they questioned the participants, the unsuspecting “blinkers”, reported significantly higher feelings of respect and fondness for their colleagues who unbeknown to them, had simply been counting their blinks, and shared none of the blinkers’ feelings, as they were barely listening to the convo and more focused on the blink counting.

A similar research study was conducted by Yale, they paired groups of men together in two’s, and groups of women together, also in two’s.

They were then instructed to share something personal with each other while holding eye contact.

The female groups reported feelings of togetherness and care towards each other.

The men, on the other hand, reported back feelings of anger, and intimidation, as well as feelings of alienation as they felt the other was coming onto them.

Now, we can only guess who the blinkers were and who the ones telling the story were.

Always remember that the person whom you are talking, and keeping eye contact with, will have an emotional and biologically based reaction to your eye contact.

Let me explain…

Network Marketing techniques in normal English!

When you look intently at someone, it increases the heartbeat and shoots an adrenaline-like substance of power, an engine gushing through their veins, and this is the same physical reaction that people have when they start to fall in love.

Talk about ridiculously interesting!

Old friend marketing network techniques

Another marketing network technique when building rapport with people is to make them feel like old friends.

People don’t care how much you know until they know, how much you care about them!

Zig Ziglar was right when he said that the secret to getting people to like you is to show them how much you like them. Similar to what I said earlier, “like, likes, like”.

So, stop thinking too much about what you can get from this person…

Thinking too much takes you away from the moment and the conversation, which leads to you not responding in an authentic manner, and looking like an idiot when they start asking questions!

Visualization marketing network techniques

So, another quick trick is to trick your body into doing the right things…

Look at visualization marketing network techniques. In your mind when meeting someone new, it helps to think of this person as an old friend, someone you had a great relationship with years ago, but somehow you lost track of each other and this is the first time in years that you guys are bumping into each other.

So, visualize this situation and treat the new person exactly like you would treat your old friend whom you hadn’t seen for years.

Maybe don’t go as far as hugging them, as that might be weird. VERY WEIRD.

Authentic marketing network techniques

Another marketing network technique is to make sure that you come across as 100% credentials to everyone. Be aware of the tell tales of lying, even if you’re not lying.

Be alert to the changes. And change with the situation, making sure you adapt accordingly.

Always remember fidgeting affects credibility, so you have to remember to “limit the fidget”. So, for example, whenever your conversation really counts, if your nose is itchy, let it itch.

Do not under any circumstances:

  • Fidget
  • Widget
  • Wiggle
  • Squirm
  • Or Scratch

Keep in mind

If the first thing that you say is a complaint, then you will be labelled as a complainer, as that’s the first sample your listener has received of you, and remember first impressions last.

You want to be the person in the room who everyone wants to know.

I hope that was helpful in whichever situation you find yourself in!

So, here is your challenge…

If you are serious about capturing your target market’s audience, these powerful and proven marketing network techniques are just for you and will get you actual results and real connections when attending a business networking event.

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