Facebook Lead Generation Setup Program

Facebook Lead Generation Program

Follow our winning process that has been proven & tested to generate quality leads for any business by using our state-of-the-art lead generation program

Most businesses struggle to generate leads, target the right audience and don’t know how to structure their campaigns for maximum lead conversion.

So, if this is you, and your Facebook & Instagram campaigns keep getting stuck in the “Learning Limited” phase, and dying off from fatigue, then you don’t want to miss out on our Facebook Lead Generation Program.

Let us show you how to do it the right way!

What Can You Expect From This Program

Below we have highlighted essential topics from this program, but don’t forget that each topic has multiple sub-sections, from where you will learn the top hidden secrets behind setting up your Facebook Lead Generation campaign the right way.

This program has been designed for business owners who have limited time, and who need new leads ASAP.

Why Did We Create This Manual?

Every product we create, has a story behind it. Allow us to share this story with you…

Back in 2015, Facebook launched its then-new product called Lead Generation. Little did Facebook, and the public know that this would become one of their flagship products, aimed at helping businesses to generate leads.

Our founder also decided to grab this opportunity and started to use the Lead Generation way back in 2015, with significant results.

When we interviewed him regarding this product, we wanted to hear his take on it?

He mentioned something important, his exact words were Yes, I generated 20 000+ leads in 3 months for the business, but I learned quickly that not all leads would convert into customers, and I had to go back to the drawing board to find out why this was happening.

Jean-Pierre explained, Facebook Lead Generation captured thousands of leads, but I had to understand how to use BANT to turn a percentage of these leads into.

We asked, what is BANT?

He told us, BANT stands for Budget, Authority, Need, and Timing

When using FB Lead Generation, you need to understand that your potential lead has entered your funnel at the top or middle, it’s your job to start processing the lead through a journey from where you separate the leads from those who don’t have the budget, and who might not have the authority to make the purchase.

Facebook Lead Generation is the ultimate tool to generate leads at a cost that is so low it’s almost FREE, but most businesses who fail at this are due to them not using a process that fits into a funnel, and who think short term.

Customer acquisition is a long-term game, businesses who play the long game, always win in the end!

When asking Jean-Pierre why he wanted to create this program, he told us the following…

We are a highly driven profit company; we strive to generate as much profit for our shareholders as we can, and this program does exactly that!

But we also hold our customers and partners who take part in our program’s success to the same standard.

We understand that most businesses can’t afford our digital marketing services, so we wanted to design a program that could help them achieve the same success we deliver for our clients by designing a program that delivers these steps to replicate the same results.

I Don’t Understand This!!!

Why do some people have success advertising online, and I don’t?

Did you know, only about 5% of businesses who advertise online, see a profitable and consistent ROI?

How do they do this, and how can you get the same results:

The above is what separates the successful businesses from the unsuccessful ones.

In this program, you will learn exactly how to replicate our process for your business.

FREE Sample Video

Get a Free taste of what you can expect from this program

No one likes to purchase something without testing a small sample first. This is why we opened one of the (50+ videos) from this program for you to test drive before joining us.

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Stop The Guessing Game!

If you want to play in the big leagues, you have to play like we do...

Join our program and let us help you take the guessing out of your digital marketing,  and show you how to gain leads consistently. Our program is made up of the following:


Get access to our strategy templates that will help you structure your campaigns for success and measure your ROAS.

50+ Videos

Up to date, detailed videos to help you to plan step-by-step, create, and launch your campaigns for success.

Email Coaching

As a BONUS, you’ll gain access to our expert digital marketing coaches, who can assist you via emails when needed.

Why Is This Program Like NONE Other? 

The Facebook Ad world is constantly changing, what worked yesterday won't work today...

Most people get their “new” information from YouTube, or some other outdated channel, and usually from a company or person who has never even run campaigns.

Our program is different because we are an active and successful digital marketing agency, with 12+ years of combined experience. 

Our programs are constantly being updated with the latest strategies from companies such as Meta and Google, providing you with the latest information, ensuring the best results for your business. 

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There has never been a better time than right now to take action. Get your business to overflow with constant new leads by using our Facebook Lead Generation Program. The longer you take to do this, the longer you’re allowing your competitors to take your customers.

More About This Program

What can you expect from this program, how long will it take you to complete, and what is all included?

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

All our products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, as per our terms and conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You pay once off for 6-months access to the program, expert support, videos, and downloadable tools.

Once you activate your account by purchasing this program, you can start right away. You will also have access to the RAS Platform 24/7 to access all the videos, tools, and downloads, plus the expert support.

Yes, most definitely! You can purchase the program today and access the partner program at any time during the next 6 – months.

Our goal is to help you get your campaign up and running as quick as possible. But we also know that you might have a full-time day job, or limited time available. So, we have designed this program to allow you to work on your campaign at your own speed.

You can reach your goal of launching your campaign in under 1-2 days, if you spend between 3 – 5 hrs per day you could launch your campaign in 4-5 days it all depends on you, and how much time you have available.

Meet The Team

Some of the world-class team members who contributed to this ground-breaking digital marketing products.


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