Digital Marketing Partner Program

Digital Marketing Partner Program

Let us help you to set up & grow your digital marketing agency from no experience to expert

The Digital Marketing Partner Program is like no other program out there. It’s been designed to help you not only start your agency the correct way, but also grow your agency, by following a process of four main stages that helps you to set up your agency with the right foundation, obtain continuous clients, expand on your services, and eventually landing you those big million-dollar clients.

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Nothing Like This Exists!

There is no program like this on the market, and here’s why…

Think of this as buying a franchise. When you purchase a franchise, the company provides you with the complete setup of your business, all the branding, tools, and training to get your business up and running successfully.

The Digital Marketing Partner Program works in a similar way. Inside this program, we provide you with everything you need to start and grow your agency.

The best part is that you do not pay us a royalty, it’s your agency, and you’re branding. We have no connection to your agency other than the support in the background that helps you and your agency reach your goals.

How Will This Program Help You?

The Digital Marketing Partner Program will take you through 4 different stages.

It’s important to remember that even if you have already launched your agency, and have been running for a couple of months, you still need to go through each of these stages to ensure your foundation is built on the correct model in order to help you reach the growth stage.

Most agencies start with a poor foundation, which leads to 70-90% of them failing in their first year. The right foundation is key. That is why we recommend starting at the beginning, and working your way through the process, in order to create the right foundation.

From Start-Up To Growth

Below is a breakdown and overview of each stage, as well as how it will help you to start and grow your Digital Marketing Agency the right way.

Bootstrap Stage

In this stage we will be helping you to set up your agency, ensuring that your business structure is in place, and your foundation is correct to start the onboarding process for your first/new clients more efficiently. In this stage we also assist you to design a high converting sales and marketing strategy and funnel for your agency, ensuring you generate leads and start converting them into clients.

Start-Up Stage

In the Start-up stage, you will focus on obtaining your first clients through the digital marketing strategy and funnel which we have helped you to create previously. If you already have a couple of clients, this process will help you streamline the process to obtain additional clients. The goal here is to follow the cash flow and forecast model, which is included in this program, ensuring that you work towards an end goal, and reach the next stage successfully.

Stable Stage

Stability is key here. No agency should enter the growth stage before reaching a more stable stage, from where your clients are seeing results and a good ROAS. In this stage, we will assist you through the partner program to ensure you successfully reach this stage. You will also learn how to use the best digital marketing strategies for your clients, which could result in a better ROAS for your clients and increase your client retention.

Growth Stage

Now that your agency has clients, and you have a stable revenue coming in, with a good foundation, and you’re more comfortable with running campaigns, you are ready for the growth stage. In the growth stage, we will be working with you through the partner program, focussing on scaling your agency, and going after the big million-dollar clients. Here you’ll also implement a powerful client retention model to increase profitability.

How Long Could This Take You?

Our goal is to help you achieve this as quickly as possible, but we also know that you might have a full-time day job or limited time available. So, we have designed the partner program to allow you to work on your agency at your own speed.

Each stage could be achieved in less time, based on your availability to work on your agency, and marketing budget.

Why Are So Many People Joining This Program?

With a total of 500+ entrepreneurs who have joined us, over 95% have indicated that the programs we have to offer, have helped them achieve their goals in a shorter time frame through the following benefits of partnering up with us…

Coaching Videos

Our online coaching videos will help you when you get stuck as well as assist you with your clients’ campaigns.

Downloads & Tools

The downloads and tools have been uniquely designed to help you structure your agency.

500+ Training Videos

Our videos are extremely detailed, covering each step in both starting and growing your agency.

Is It Worth The Cost?

You might be wondering…

Before we explain why the program has so much value in it, ask yourself the following:

“If I could get my agency to generate between $5 000 to $10 000+ per month, what would I be willing to pay to achieve this as quickly as possible?”

Our program not only helps you to get up and running as quickly as possible, but it also helps you to avoid all of the pit falls along the way.

So, if you had to calculate the total costs of what you will be receiving in this partnership program, it’s valued at $10 000+!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

All our products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, as per our terms and conditions.

Here’s What Other People Are Saying About The Partner Program

Don’t take our word for it, see what all of our clients have to say about our Digital Marketing Partner Program…

Joined your program yesterday. Can't wait to get through the program and start my agency. Already learning so much and it's SO HELPFUL. Would never have been able to do it without this program. WELL DONE you created something special.
Mariette Haasbroek
Business Owner
Ras Digital Marketing Agency is really amazing. They are very professional, but still have enough empathy and compassion to really pay attention to individuals as well as company's Digital Marketing needs. The founder and CEO Jean-Pierre Ras is hands on and lead his great team by example. I looked at many other digital marketing companies, but Ras Digital Marketing Agency is just way ahead of everybody else and the perfect partner to help you achieve your goals.
Jean-Paul Keyter
Business Owner
RAS Digital is a wonderful marketing agency, intent on making a lasting impact in the industry. Leaders break new for others to prosper and RAS Digital is a acts as a leader in digital marketing. I bought their Agency start-up manual and got a lot more value for the money that they charged.
Albertus Weidemann
Business Owner
Very valuable information on an absolute user-friendly platform, supplying all I need as a Newbie in Digital Marketing, to set myself up in the Digital world as a Remote Freelancer. Thank you to the RAS Digital Marketing team for this valuable tool.
John Du Plessis
Business Owner
I cannot express the amount of gratitude that I have for RAS Digital Marketing. Your manual on starting an agency has not only helped me get clear about my agency and set real attainable goals, but has gotten the wheels turning full speed ahead for my agency after months of procrastinating. Thank you so much Jean-Pierre Ras and your team. I definitely recommend your agency for start ups and established businesses.
Nomfundo Masombuka
Business Owner
This is a very valuable resource for South Africans trying to get started in the social media marketing space. I especially like the business parts of the manual
Charles Maseko
Business Owner
A seriously comprehensive program on how to set up a Digital Marketing Agency. A lot to do but well organized and straight to the point. If you are wanting to start your own Digital Marketing Agency, buy this program right now!
Craig Johnson
Business Owner
RAS Digital Marketing is prompt, professional and very knowledgeable on all digital marketing matters. I have purchased their products and found them to be very valuable in developing our own agency. The information and support is worth every cent and will provide a Return On Investment many times over. I highly recommend using their services.
Business Owner
Very valuable information on an absolute user-friendly platform, supplying all I need as a Newbie in Digital Marketing, to set myself up in the Digital world as a Remote Freelancer. Thank you to the RAS Digital Marketing team for this valuable tool.
Wilna Grobler
Business Owner

How Can I Access This Program?

You can access this program in under 10 min, just follow the checkout process, and once completed you will have access to the full program. You can access it from any of the following devices after purchase:

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You pay once for life-time access to all the online coaching sessions, program videos, and downloadable tools.

You can book as many online coaching session from the coaching page as you need, you will be charged an added fee for this, but its a great added value and option if you need one-on-one coaching with a profesiona digital marketing consualtant. 

Our goal is to help you get your agency up and running as quick as possible. But we also know that you might have a full-time day job, or limited time available. So, we have designed the partner program to allow you to work on your agency at your own speed.

You can reach your goal of launching your agency and enter the start-up stage in 28-days, if you spend between 3 – 5 hrs per day working through the program while building your agency.

The start-up and stability stages could be reached within 2 – 12 months, this is based on your own marketing budget, and the time you have available to work on your agency.

Once you activate your account by purchasing this program, you can start right away. You will also have access to the RAS Platform 24/7 to access all the videos, tools, and downloads, plus the online coaching sessions and more.

Yes, most definitely! You can purchase the program today and access the partner program at any time.

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