Digital Agency Success Factor Pre-Assessment

Digital Agency Success Factor Pre-Assessment

Discover what is required of you to have a successful & profitable digital marketing agency.

The Digital Agency Success Factor Pre-Assessment has been uniquely designed to help you understand what your chances are of success when it comes to starting and growing your agency the correct way, and that is by taking stock of where you are, where you want to be, and which areas you need to develop to get there. 

This assessment takes you through a process of analysing the four key strength, determining your level of competence against the success factors. 

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Why We Created This Assessment

There is no assessment like this on the market, and here’s why…

When you start a new venture there are so many uncertainties, ambiguity and risks involved, that most people feel they need some guidance before they can undertake such a venture.

Another frustration for entrepreneurs or business owners is that they can’t find an assessment that is tailored for their needs to provide them with the specific guidance for what they are looking for, in this case, a digital marketing agency.

I think you face the same dilemma and would like some guidance before you start with your own digital marketing agency, hence the reason we developed the Digital Agency Success Factor Pre-Assessment.

How This Assessment Can help You

Our Digital Agency Success Factor Pre-Assessment is integrated with all our programs, to ensure that you start at the right place with the right tools to launch and grow your agency the best way. 

This pre-assessment was designed based on the required digital marketing agency success factors, which means that this assessment has been uniquely designed to cover each of these touchpoints, to provide you with the right guidance. 

Lastly, this assessment will give you an indication of your chances of starting or growing an agency successfully, including basic guidance in terms of what is needed to be successful. 

Included In This Assessment

To ensure a complete assessment of the potential entrepreneur or agency owner, the Digital Agency Success Factor Pre-Assessment is based on the 4 key subfields, shown below: 

Entrepreneur Assessment

The Entrepreneur Assessment measures your entrepreneurial “mindset”, or the attitudes, traits and behaviours related to 15 Entrepreneurial Success Factors.

Business Assessment

The Business Assessment measures your general business skills related to the agency’s value chain’s primary and support activities related to 10 Business Success Factors.

Startup Assessment

The Startup Assessment measures your digital marketing startup skills linked to the setup of system and processes of your agency that relates to 15 Startup Success Factors.

Growth Assessment

The Growth Assessment measures your ability to grow individuals in your team to release team potential and achieve game changing results related to 20 Growth Success Factors.

What Your Results Will Look Like

An assessment interpretation tool for each inventory will be provided, to help with the understanding of the results, indicating a person’s proficiency level based on either a strength or, an improvement required. 

The assessment result tool provides a roadmap of where you need to build capability and capacity to not only start but also to drive growth in your agency. 

A complete Development Plan is available as a download for FREE to help achieve your personal and business objectives. 

100% Money-Back Guarantee

All our products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, as per our terms and conditions.

How Can I Access This Assessment?

You can access this assessment in under 10 min, just follow the checkout process, and once completed you will have access to the full assessment. You can access it from any of the following devices after purchase:

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no contract involved.

The assessment results are immediately available on completion of the assessment online.

It should not take you longer than 45 minutes.

Once you activate your account by purchasing this assessment, you can start right away. 

Yes, most definitely! You can purchase the assessment today and access the assessment at any time during the next 6 – months.

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