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In this digital marketing agency setup manual, you will learn how to structure your own agency, what the process is of launching your agency, and what needs to be in place to do this. The manual will take you from the basics all the way through to signing up your first customer, and how you scale this process. We have included realistic screenshots, of each of the steps that you can follow step by step, thus making the process easier.


Hi, I am Jean-Pierre Ras. 10-Years back when digital marketing was still a strange concept, and something most businesses did not really invest in, I started my own agency.

Times have now changed, and businesses today can’t afford not to be using digital marketing. Digital marketing agencies that deliver results for those businesses are making a fortune.

Back in the day, when I started my own agency life was a struggle.

There was very little advice on how to start this type of business. There were no real guidelines, it was a trial-and-error process from the word GO! I personally spent over R2 Million in ads, in order to find a process that worked.

After about 3 years and a fortune later, I managed to build a process that started to work. In the last 8 years, I managed to perfect this process, and my agency took off like a rocket! I opened my second agency in Dubai back in 2018 and started to expand my team.

In 2020, our agency had extreme growth with the whole pandemic, and we tripled our clients as more businesses were forced to go online.

Something interesting also happened in 2020 with our agency…

We had a high increase in people contacting us to find out if they could do internships at our agency and learn how to create their own agencies, by following the process we have perfected over the years.

At first, we had no interest in sharing this information….. But a couple of months later, I put some thought into this and decided that we need to practice one of our core values at RAS Digital Marketing, and this is called Paying it Forward.

I pulled 3 of my top digital marketing consultants into a meeting, and we decided that we could design a manual that will assist entrepreneurs in helping them build and set up their own agencies by following a set process we used to help them increase the success rate of starting or growing their agencies.

We wanted to also ensure that existing agencies could use this manual in following a process to ensure their own agencies have been set up correctly.

So, 4 months later we have designed the Digital Marketing Agency Setup Manual.

Keep reading on, as I would like to tell you more about this manual, and how it can help you…


You are guaranteed to have some of these problems!

When we set out to design this manual, we created a list on a whiteboard of all the problems agencies have when starting or growing. If you find even one of the below problems, then this manual is going to help you solve it:

  • Have no idea where to start when setting up my own agency!
  • Not knowing how to run high converting campaigns for your customers
  • Struggling to find new customers for your agency
  • What is a successful pricing model, and how should it work?
  • My customers seem to be leaving, and I have no idea why?

These are just some of the problems agencies face when starting out or trying to grow. In this manual we are going to be covering all of them, and what should be done to get around these problems, in order to ensure your agency has the best chance to succeed.


Why is this manual so different?

This manual shares a process used by an existing digital marketing agency, an agency that signs up new customers every day, and is going to share with you the process currently in use growing our own agency, ensuring that you benefit from not making the mistakes we did at the start.


What is the outcome you can expect from this manual?

By using this digital marketing agency setup manual, you will learn all the setup requirements you need to start your own agency and learn how to use a process of best practices if you are an existing agency to grow your agency by following best practices.


Is this manual for you?

If you are an entrepreneur, looking for a business opportunity that allows you to generate an income by using just a laptop, and the freedom of working from anywhere around the world, then this manual is for you.

You can also use this manual as a guide to ensure you have the correct process in place if you are an existing digital marketing agency, to help increase your customer onboarding and retention.


What will we be covering in this manual?

Below we have highlighted some of the main headings from this manual, but don’t forget that each heading has multiple subsections from where you will learn hidden secrets in starting and growing your agency:

  • What is a digital marketing agency?
  • Setting up and understanding your agency business model
  • Pricing & packaging your services for the best ROI
  • How to plan your financial forecast and goals
  • Picking the right niche that works for you
  • Giving your agency a name that helps brand growth
  • Registering your agency & use your documentation within Facebook
  • How to open a business bank account
  • Understand your agencies accounting & taxes
  • Branding your digital agency like a profession
  • Setting up all your software to help with automation
  • Customer onboarding process to ensure a smooth process
  • How to land your first customer & repeat the process for growth

As mentioned, this manual will dive into each of the above, and expand on how you can follow the steps in order to start or grow your agency in depth.


How can I access this manual?

You can access this manual in under 10 min, just follow the checkout process, and once completed you will have access to the full manual. You can access it from any of the following devices after purchase:

  • Access from any computer or laptop
  • Access from any smartphone
  • Access from any tablet

You can even download it and print the full manual in a hard copy.


Limited Free Bonus Program

For a very limited time, we have added a special link in this manual that will provide you full access to an online Email Marketing Program, valued at R1 500.00 for FREE! You can use this program to learn about email marketing and add it as an extra revenue stream to your agency, helping you to grow your agency and your services for your customers.


Include 365-days updates

Most eBooks/manuals you have purchased before have left you with an outdated version after a couple of weeks, and each time a new version comes out, you must pay for the update.

Therefore we wanted to do things differently. Over the period of a year, we will send you an update to this manual every time we make any changes to it.

This will ensure you always have the latest updates and changes in the market.


In a nutshell

If you have been dreaming about starting your own digital marketing agency, or you are an existing agency but have been struggling to get new customers then this manual is just for you. I really enjoyed creating this manual with my team and know that you will enjoy it, and learn so much from this manual when starting your own agency, as well as growing an existing agency.

2 reviews for Digital Marketing Agency Setup Manual

  1. Cindy

    I have started my own Digital Marketing Agency and was so LOST,…. spent hours not moving forward. THEN my paths crossed with Ras Digital Marketing Team, i was lost for words how the Manual got my hopes up and put me on the right track. I have gone from strength to strength following each step in the Manual. The VALUE of THIS MANUAL is priceless, THANK YOU TEAM-RAS-DIGITAL-MARKETING!

  2. Verdi

    My marketers really struggled to satisfy our customer marketing needs. We constantly received complaints about not enough leads or sales etc. Then my life and our agency’s life changed 180 degrees. I bought this Digital Marketing Agency Setup manual from RAS Digital Marketing and realized my own marketers did not know how to do a proper system setup to run our numerous marketing campaigns. One year down the line and it’s a totally different story, 98% of our campaigns exceed our customer expectation. What a relief this was for me, and my employees. Thank you RAS Digital marketing for paying forward. I will highly recommend this Digital Marketing Setup manual for any startup or existing business, it will turn your life around forever.

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