PPC Brand Awareness to Increase Revenue

PPC brand awareness introduction

When you come up with a great idea or launch a new business or brand, how do you get your name out there? How do you help people become more aware of what you’ve created or are trying to sell?

The options are varied, from billboards and bumper stickers to word of mouth and cold calls.

However, sometimes it can be simpler than that. You can boost brand awareness with PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns that show your ads to people across the internet, including on SERPs, social media sites, in-app ads, banners on websites, and more.

Branded PPC campaigns give you control. They can make it easier for you to appear in front of the right audience members and create more opportunities for you to connect with potential clients and customers.

What is PPC brand awareness, and why is it important?

In many ways, brand awareness is about how recognizable you are. Of course, in a noisy world online, where brands compete for attention all the time, it may seem impossible to build brand awareness.

Brand awareness isn’t out of reach for a new brand or one whose target market is smaller. Think about the last time you listened to a podcast and heard the name of a new tech company. And then you listened to another podcast and heard it again.

After a while, the name of that company started bouncing around in your head. Maybe you began to get curious about what they did and looked them up online.

That’s building brand awareness. You know who they are. They didn’t have to set up a sales call and introduce themselves, but you are now aware of their brand.

A PPC brand awareness campaign uses keywords that include your company’s name or other brand elements. While it might seem counterproductive considering you most likely naturally rank for these terms, a branded PPC campaign can bring a number of benefits to a business owner.

Brand awareness can seem intimidating and complicated, but it’s just a matter of getting your brand in front of the right people.

How does PPC increase brand awareness?

You can use PPC ads to increase brand awareness by introducing your brand in ads that your target market can see. By creating ads that show off what your brand is about, including a memorable name or logo, you can start to be a bug in the ear, or eye, of your potential customer base.

If all you’re worried about is large groups of people actually seeing your ads, the impressions rather than the clickthrough rates are going to be more important to you. You can continue to run a PPC campaign while watching two goals.

First, you would see how many impressions it’s getting. Secondly, you would see how many are actually clicking on your ad.

In fact, Google recommends switching over to a pay-per-impression option to build brand awareness.

Benefits of PPC brand awareness

Here are some of the reasons a PPC Brand awareness campaign might be a good idea for your business.

If no competitors are targeting your keywords, you’re fine. However, if someone decides to try to steal some of your potential clients, they can target your branded keywords and outrank you.

Using a branded PPC campaign gives you full control of the SERP related to your branded keywords. Not only will you be able to appear at the top of the natural listings. But you’ll also be able to feature your PPC ads so you don’t need to worry about customers choosing a competitor instead.

Craft your own PPC brand awareness message

Getting the right messaging across to your target audience in a search engine isn’t easy. With organic listings, Google will pull the information it sees as relevant to display to customers. If the content you want to share isn’t included, you’re out of luck.

However, you can craft your own messaging using a PPC brand awareness campaign. Because PPC ads put the control back in your hands. You’re now able to feature whatever content you believe to be most important to create brand awareness.

With the right brand awareness message in your search engine listings, you can drive more potential customers to your website. Use A/B testing of PPC campaigns to see which messages resonate the most. Thereafter refining your approach to search engines and ensuring you’re connecting with as many potential customers as possible.

Optimize your PPC brand awareness conversions

A traditional search engine ranking is only designed to bring search engine users to your page. But not necessarily to convert them into customers. While you might have a process that attempts to funnel website visitors into converting, it doesn’t always work.

PPC brand awareness campaigns, on the other hand, give you more control over the conversion process. They’re optimised to drive users to landing pages or to complete a particular action. Which can be incredibly useful for turning website visitors into paying customers.

Branded keywords attract customers who are already in the sales cycle, meaning they’re closer to making a buying decision. With the right PPC brand awareness campaign, you can bring those customers to a landing page. Thereafter convert them to the next phase of the buyer’s journey.

Promote new products or services

When you’re growing your business, you’re likely also growing the number of products or services you offer. You can bring customers’ attention to those new products or services through a PPC brand awareness campaign.

If a customer uses a branded keyword to find your business, they’re already familiar with your company. This means they are probably prime candidates to be interested in the new things that you’re offering.

Branded PPC brand awareness campaigns can also help you jump ahead of search engines that might take months to rank your content organically. This ensures you’re getting your new offerings in front of your target audience while they’re still fresh and exciting.

Create a PPC brand awareness campaign

Whether a branded PPC brand awareness campaign is right for you will depend on your goals. If created correctly, branded PPC campaigns don’t need to be redundant and can actually bring dramatic returns to your business.

Before creating your PPC brand awareness campaign, think about what you’d like to accomplish. Consider who you’re trying to attract and what action you would like that audience group to take. Are you trying to inform them of a new product or service, or are you hoping to push prospective clients over the edge to finally buy?

Your goals will influence the PPC brand awareness keywords you choose to target. From there, write your PPC ad. Think about the information your audience is looking for and what they’ll need to know to perform the desired action.

With a goals-first mindset, you can attract the right audience, promote your new products or services, and optimize your conversions to ensure you’re connecting with the right people at the right time.

PPC brand awareness tactics

That’s where these tactics come in:

Use native advertising

Employing native PPC brand awareness advertising is one of the most effective ways of increasing brand awareness and winning over new customers.

Since the native ads fit right into their surrounding content and borrow credibility from their host publishing sites, native ads help you reach people where they’re already reading and engaging.

Say you serve up native ads on publications like The New York Daily News or CBS News. Here you gain the access and trust of their large reader base. How by providing recommended content at the end of their articles.

The allure of native ads is easy to see. They’re non-intrusive, easily scalable, and customizable with relevant messaging. This is why native advertising is expected to comprise over 60% of the digital display market this year.

In this way, you can launch niche marketing strategies that reach your target audiences and fill the middle of the funnel. This is with people who have already shown interest in your content and products.

Run Facebook and Instagram ads

Your brand probably already has a social media presence, but you have trouble growing your followings and engagement metrics. You need content advertising strategies that launch PPC brand awareness ads on social media.

By running PPC brand awareness ads, you can reach new people who might be interested in your brand. And even target audiences based on specific behaviours and preferences. Native Ads also help brands circumnavigate pesky algorithms that can hurt organic reach.

Facebook recommends using video and carousel ads (which include a series of media) to target users who might be interested in your message.

Just keep in mind that these categories have been less effective since the iOS 14 update in 2021.

Run PPC brand awareness ads on Twitter 

On Twitter, you can launch brand awareness campaigns by promoting your tweets and paying for impressions instead of engagements. You set your bid amount per 1,000 impressions and Twitter optimizes your campaign for the best possible reach.

Partner with influencers to review your brand

If you’re having trouble connecting with your target audience, you may want to try reaching them through their favourite creators and influencers. Consumers trust recommendations from influencers more than traditional advertisements or even celebrity endorsements.

Similar to guest posting, business owners and marketers can start influencer marketing campaigns by finding influencers in relevant industries and reaching out with partnership ideas. You can do this by simply searching relevant keywords on social channels and sifting through the posts for influencer content.

Partner with influencers to create content

If free products or services in exchange for a review aren’t your thing, you can also leverage influencers to create pieces of content.

Influencers know the type of content that resonates with their audience. And by working with them, they can create a piece of content that not only looks great. But that will hit a chord with their loyal follower base, making them aware of your brand from a source that they trust.

Your challenge

You should understand by now, why PPC brand awareness is a key growth consideration to business success.

Here are 3-key takeaways for you to consider in your challenge.

  • You can boost brand awareness with PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns
  • A PPC brand awareness campaign uses keywords, the company’s logo, the name and the main benefit
  • You can create your own PPC brand awareness campaign or pay someone else to do it for you

Consider PPC brand awareness to grow your brand, and let us know how are you doing.

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