PPC Advertising for Maximum Earnings

What is PPC advertising?

If this is your first time wanting to use PPC advertising, you may be wondering what this is all about. Also, what are keywords used for and why is it imperative to understand how keywords work in PPC Advertising?

Just to clarify some terms, PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click and CPC stands for Cost-per-click, respectively. The networks that offer payments per click on the ads or links are PPC/CPC ad networks.

We know getting a click on ads is a blue moon event. However, users do click on ads. Especially during Q4, advertisers see an increase in the number of clicks on ads.

When compared with impressions, clicks on ads get better interaction and engagement with advertisers. Hence, advertisers agree to pay more for clicks on ads. If you are partnered with a good ad network, then you can surely use the PPC model of payment.

Can you benefit from PPC advertising

Are you looking to increase your website traffic or increase the number of sales that you make online?

If so, you are urged to examine PPC advertising.  PPC advertising, if properly implemented, can give you exactly what you need. It will definitely increase your website traffic and an increase in sales.

For an advertising ad network to work to your advantage, you need to use it the proper way.

PPC advertising is a highly successful way to promote your online business and increase your sales.

However, like all other internet marketing tactics, PPC advertising isn’t for everyone. For this reason, you may be wondering whether PPC advertising can help you.

To determine whether you can benefit from PPC advertising, you need to examine the profitability of keywords. Secondly, the keywords that you choose to be associated with or related to your brand and ads.

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Choosing your PPC advertising network

Speaking of choosing a PPC advertising network, the ad network you choose may have a huge impact on your success.

Two networks that you may want to examine include Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing. Both come highly rated and recommended. In fact, Google is the most popular and widely used, known to produce positive results.

If your ads appear on relevant, related pages can improve the chances of a click and later a sale.

Here are some things to think about while choosing the best advertising network:

Here is a list of the top CPC/PPC ad networks in 2022 available you might consider:

  • Media.net: Best PPC Ad Network
  • Infolinks: Best PPC Platform
  • Google AdSense: Best PPC Network
  • Bidvertiser: Pay Per Click Sites
  • Revcontent: Best PPC Ad Platform
  • ClickAdilla: Best PPC Ads Platform
  • Vibrant Media: Top PPC Ad Networks
  • Clickadu: Best PPC ads Network
  • AdBlade: PPC advertising Network
  • AdCash: PPC Advertising Network
  • Clickbooth: PPC ads Network
  • Taboolah: PPC ads network
  • Sulvo: PPC Ads Platform

Key takeaway

Estimating the amount of money that you will have to pay for advertisements, as well as your profits, is a great way to determine whether PPC advertising is for you.

PPC advertising keyword profitability

In addition to choosing a PPC advertising network, you also need to examine your keywords.

If this is your first time using a PPC advertising network, you may be unfamiliar with keywords and their purpose.

PPC ad networks use keywords to make sure that your ads appear on relevant pages.

PPC advertising may seem tricky and a little bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, depending on the PPC advertising network, you should be given a detailed, step-by-step guide.

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Choosing PPC advertising keywords

Speaking of choosing your keywords carefully, you don’t just want to choose them; you also want to research them.

Unfortunately, there are many business owners who do not realise there are tools that can help them research keywords. To be honest, these business owners are often the ones who end up finding PPC ad networks unsuccessful. And a waste of money, or a waste of their time.

The reality is that PPC advertising networks are anything but that. But you need to know how to use them and other helpful online tools.

Once you have determined what keywords you would like to use. Therefore you can approach ad networks to assist you in determining the search intent and price of the keyword.

By entering the keywords or phrases of your choice, you will be shown sample advertisements and their costs.

These tools also give you an idea of the cost of each keyword with which your ads are associated.

Which PPC advertising keywords should you choose?

When further examining PPC advertising, you will see that all advertisements are associated with keywords.

When it comes to choosing your keywords, there are several important factors that should be taken into consideration. The most important factors include relation and popularity.

You will want to choose keywords related to your business or the products or services you are looking to sell.

Popularity keywords

For popularity, you want to choose keywords that are popular or ones that are actively being used in search engines.

These two factors help your ads not only to be seen but they will be seen by the right people. Your actual targeted market.

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PPC advertising keyword research tools

As it was mentioned above, you should research and examine keywords. You can do this research with tools that are known as keyword research tools.

Online, you can find several keyword research tools, which are also commonly referred to as keyword suggestion tools.

These helpful resources can be found online, easily with a standard internet search.

Even though there are multiple keyword research tools out there, you may want to examine one keyword suggestion. For example, Google keyword planner, because it’s free and you will get an idea of how it works.

Google Keyword Planner is a simple keyword tool option serving up a few basic features. Despite the lack of functionality, however, it’s one of the most accurate sources of keyword data on the market. The data comes directly from Google and the results integrate well with AdSense monetization.

Google PPC advertising features

  • Locate commercial keywords using the “top of page” bid range
  • Accurate search volume directly from Google’s search engine
  • Best choice for business websites

As you likely already knew or assumed, you will want to select keywords that are related to your business. Or the products or services that you will be selling.

For instance, if you run an online store that sells bedding. You will want to use a few of these keywords i.e., crib bedding, baby bedding, and so forth.

Your PPC advertising network will use the keywords that you choose. They determine where your ads should appear and on what websites.

As you can see, the keywords that you choose are extremely important when it comes to successfully using a PPC.

Related keywords ensure that the right market is targeted; thus, increasing your sales numbers.

Cost versus profitability of keywords

As nice as it is to have an idea as to how much you would have to pay for a particular keyword advertisement, you may also be wondering if you can profit from that advertisement.

Calculate keyword profitability

To do this, you will need to examine what you are trying to sell. If you are trying to sell a particular product, you will want to take the price of that product and subtract it from the estimated keyword cost that you were given, when you used the above-mentioned tool or a similar one.

If you are just advertising your business in general, you will want to take your average sale amounts and subtract them from the estimated cost of your keywords.

When using the above-mentioned formula to calculate the profitability of a keyword advertisement, there are some additional factors that should be taken into consideration.

For instance, the price of a keyword advertisement can change at any given time.

Price increases

This means that the price you must pay may increase or decrease.  It is also important to remember that not all your advertisement clicks result in a sale, but you will still be charged for each click.

To get a more accurate estimate of profitability, it may be best to prepare for non-clickers.

In fact, you may want to assume that only one out of ten clicks could result in a sale.

Key takeaway

Perhaps, keywords are the most important aspect of PPC ad networks.  For the ultimate chance of success, spend some time researching your keywords and then choose your keywords wisely.

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Your challenge

Although it is best if you can profit from PPC advertising, you may still want to give it a try, even if you feel that you cannot.

With PPC advertising, you can limit the amount of money that you spend each day. This is just another reason why you should give PPC advertising a trial run.

Try the PPC advertising and let us know how you are doing.

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