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If you’re looking to boost your ROI in Facebook marketing, then video is the way to go. We have found that using videos instead of images, has given us at RAS Digital Marketing more engagement. In turn this leads to better reach to our audience over time. Follow my video to see why, to Invest in Video Content to Gain More Leads at a Better Price.

Video might cost you more than just going with an image and slapping some text onto it. But if your video is of good quality and you stick with it, then you should see a better reach and ROI by doing so.

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Facebook Pixel

The cool thing about using video, is that you can use your Facebook pixel and create an audience based on how much of the video people have watched, and then send related content to people who have watched the whole video.

By doing this, it will help you improve the audience you are looking to target in your future campaigns. However, this will also reduce the people who are not interested in your products.

In Closure

Invest in Video Content to Gain More Leads at a Better Price

Video, aka visual media input, will boost your SEO results, to gain success in terms of lead generation.

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This video series has been filmed by Baker Brothers Studios

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