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With the digital marketing industry growing like wildfire, 2023 has been predicted to have businesses spending over $500 billion in marketing, and you would be crazy not to want a slice of that pie, or to be in the industry of providing this type of service.

This is why starting a digital marketing agency, and helping small to large businesses in their marketing can be extremely profitable, and it’s a lot easier than you might think!

You may be thinking… “I have no marketing skills, so how can I do this?” Well, just keep reading, and let us show you how…

The best part about this type of business is that you only need an internet connection, laptop, and a cell phone to open and run it. You can also start it as a side-line business if you don’t have the immediate funds while keeping your day job.

RAS Digital Marketing, was created in a very similar way by its founder, Jean-Pierre Ras, in 2017.  Things obviously started slow, but during the first quarter of the first year, Jean-Pierre signed up 10 customers, each paying R 5000/pm for their digital marketing campaigns.

During that same year, he signed up another 5 customers, paying R10 000/pm each, which resulted in recurring revenue of R 100 000/pm.

Due to those customers who grew their profits from his marketing efforts, they became more successful, and thus able to increase their monthly marketing spend with him. They then became return customers, which in turn made him able to spend more on his own marketing company, (RAS Digital Marketing) to bring in more customers and revenue.

So, you see, it has a snowball effect! The trick is to just get the ball rolling.

A year later, with a monthly turnover of R 300 000/pm, the businesses started to grow, in leaps and bounds. Today, RAS Digital Marketing has customers all over the world, with two global offices, one in South Africa, and the other in Dubai.

The focus of RAS Digital Marketing slowly moved from SME’s, to larger corporations over time. However, Jean-Pierre is so passionate about business and digital marketing, he started to devote more of his personal time coaching prospective entrepreneurs, who are also passionate about starting their own marketing businesses.

This is how the “Start a 6-Figure Digital Marketing Agency Program” was born.

The purpose of this program is to coach and empower a prospective entrepreneur to start their own digital marketing agency, with paying customers, in 90-days.

This program is planned to kick – off in early 2021.


How will this program do all of this?

The goal of this program is to start small, and grow your skills to start and market your own agency to acquire your own customers, and eventually help your customer to generate new leads and customers for their businesses, by following the same process which we have designed and used.

Statistics have shown that by 2023, 50% of all businesses around the world, will be online, and using digital marketing, so you will never have a shortage of new customers!

The “Start a 6-Figure Digital Marketing Agency Program” will consist of:

  • Over 100+ videos
  • Chat forums from where you can get assistance if you get stuck
  • Access to a one-on-one coaching session from our digital marketing team to assist you if needed
  • 24/7 hrs, 365 – days access to this program, ensuring that you not only get your business up and running, but that you actually reach the growth phases

Best of all, this program has been designed to work around your busy lifestyle: so, no matter if you only have a couple of hours per week, you can use this program as you wish, and progress on your own time.

This is not all, the program will also help you set up all the needed software for your business, from a Facebook Business Page to your own Website, as well as your CRM and Email Marketing Platform.

We have also included live coaching sessions with professional digital marketing agents, to assist you along the way.

As well as assist you in your business budget and cash flow, ensuring that your business has a financial plan going forward.

Our goal with this program is to give you all the needed skills that will be required to start your own digital marketing agency, and help you to grow your business into a successful empire over time!


If you feel that this program is for you, and you would like to learn more…

We are hosting a FREE webinar from where you will be able to learn exactly how this program works, as well as ask any questions and get an answer right on the spot!

Click here for the webinar link…

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