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Installing your Facebook tracking pixel is a lot easier than it might seem. Follow the steps below on, How to Install Your Facebook Tracking Pixel.

I know that once you see the code and what the pixel looks like you might wonder where on earth this code will go, and how do you install it!

Hang In There.. How to Install Your Facebook Tracking Pixel

Let’s go, Trust me, it’s really not that hard and I will show you in the steps below what you will need to do to install this onto your WordPress website

Steps to follow:

  1. Access your Facebook business manager
  2. Go to Business Settings in Business Manager
  3. Select your business
  4. Click Data Sources
  5. Select Pixels
  6. Click the + Add button
  7. Type in a name for your pixel
  8. Optional: Enter your website URL
  9. Click Continue
  10. To start installing your pixel on your website, click Set up the Pixel Now. If you’d like to stay in Business Manager, then click Continue Managing My Business.

Now how easy was that!

Try it out, and you will be excited by, How to Install Your Facebook Tracking Pixel, what it can do for you. These “Actions”,…. include adding an item to shopping cart or making a purchase, the pixel receives these “actions”, which can be viewed. Let me know how you found the process, and if it worked for you as well?

In Closure

After reading above you should now know, How to Install Your Facebook Tracking Pixel.

If you had your website built by a web developer, you can just email them this code that you have gotten from Facebook. He or she should be able to do it for you.

Once again, if you have any questions, please feel free to use the comment section below here. I will reply to you in this microblog. 

This video series has been filmed by Baker Brothers Studios

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