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Using Facebook insights can help you find your perfect customer’s profile and save you from wasting your marketing budget on people who have no interest in what you have to offer.  Below i share this with you on  How to Find Your Perfect Customer Using Facebook Insights?

How to Find Your Perfect Customer Using Facebook Insights?

How do you do this?

You’re going to want to access your Facebook business manager and go to your Facebook Audience Insights.

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Once you have accessed this page, you will see some options on the left-hand side, which you can complete. After doing this, ad in your location and what your audience could be interested in.


Next, you will want to click on page likes that appear in the middle of the page at the top. You will now see a list of interests that are related to your data in the section to the left of the page.

Click on one of the interests you see and access their Facebook business page. Now you’re going to want to scroll down and find a post from where this business had something for sale.

Look at the comments and read the comments from people who have purchased this product or service from them. If this comment is related to the product, and the person has made a purchase then click on their Facebook profile.

Now that you’re on their profile, go and see which pages they have liked. Make notes of business’ related to yours that they follow.

Final, How to Find Your Perfect Customer Using Facebook Insights?

You are going to want to use these pages in your Facebook ads, when it comes to targeting what you have to offer.

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