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I want to show you a basic process on, How I Use Facebook and a Conversion Funnel to Make Sales.

Funnel Process

I know that I have told you that you should not use Facebook when it comes to making sales. But Facebook can be used to help you get a lead primed (warm) to buy from you. This is, if you use it in a funnel process, as I explained in a previous blog.

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How I Use Facebook and a Conversion Funnel to Make Sales

Basic Process

Below I will be giving you a basic process to help you understand what I mean by this, and you can go and test it for yourself:

Step 1

First, I would like to gain some brand awareness, to understand who could be interested in what we have to offer, without trying to sell or push people to sign up for something.

I will create a short video on what we do at RAS Digital Marketing, I will target this video to a selected audience. Once people see this video, and start to watch it, I will use my tracking pixel and qualify the people who watched the whole video for the next step of my funnel.

Note I used my tracking pixel, you will see how important this tracking pixel is in this process.

Step 2

In the second stage of this funnel, I will now use a Facebook Lead Generation campaign. I show this campaign only to the people who watched my whole video in the last stage of this process. This campaign will present people with a free lead magnet. Whereas this could be anything from a brochure or any other free valuable content.

The key is to only let this ad show up in the people’s Facebook news feed who actually watched my whole video.

Step 3

In my final step, I will invite people who watched my video, and who downloaded my free lead magnet, to a live event or ask them if they would be interested in a quote from our business.

As you can see, I never sold in this process, all I did was engage with prospects and leads, qualifying them in each stage to the next level.

This helps us to not only sell to them in a later stage, but will also reduce the cost. When you have to call leads in the process of turning them in potentials, this is a tremendous help.

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This video series has been filmed by Baker Brothers Studios

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