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So, you must be wondering… how on earth did this guy make R 120 000 per month, this can’t be real?!” Let me share How I Made R 120 000 Per Month Advertising Online.

Sounds like another shady sales technique, right?!


Trust me, in the next 10 mins you will understand how I did this, and how you can do the same for your business.

So, in this blog I am not going to promise you some or other secret solution or a formula that will unlock all the wealth in the world. Or even, how I did this sitting on a beach with my laptop, while drinking a cocktail.

It’s not that easy!

If it were, everyone would be doing it.

I am still grinding away today, planning meetings and helping my own customers.

Once you reach success, it doesn’t mean you have made it and can now stop all the hard work!

No, all it now means is that you are going to have to work twice as hard to keep being successful. It takes hard work, and constant testing of different digital marketing strategies, audiences and ads.

I started my journey as a young carpenter at the age of 16. I manufactured furniture from my parent’s single home garage.

When I was about 21, I discovered marketing.

I got my first taste of marketing when I decided to create my own “street-face” advertising board. This was to display my services, as seen in the image below…

Yes, that’s me, I had a little more hair back then LOL.  



Let’s not dive into the past too much, ………. As I am sure you must be itching to find out how I managed to generate  R 120 000 per month in revenue through simply advertising my business online.


Quick overview on what we will cover in this blog post 

How I Made R 120 000 Per Month Advertising Online

In this blog post I will be showing you the 6 main stages of a digital marketing funnel.

Giving you an overview of how each stage works, as well as what I did in each stage. Everything, from creating brand awareness, generating new leads, and converting those leads into customers, will be covered.


This funnel will have the following actions:  

  • Reach 
  • Clicks 
  • Leads 
  • Engagement 
  • Potentials 
  • Conversions 

 Let’s dive into the full digital marketing funnel and break down each stage into simpler steps.

The 6 different stages of the digital marketing strategy and funnel 

So, let’s start with the product

The product I was selling was an online digital marketing course, I used to coach digital marketing strategies to business owners and marketing teams across a variety of different industries, helping them to generate new leads and customers.

I developed an online version of my course at a 5th of the price that it would cost to have me coach you or your team via a one-on-one session.

I filled the course with all the videos and tools that would be needed to help you as a small or medium sized business owner. As well as to help your marketing team to implement your own digital marketing strategy and funnel into your business.

Finally, the course was 90-days, and only cost R 2 499, due to it being online.  

Setting my budget and identifying the fundamental tools  

The first thing I did was to decide how much money I wanted to make. Also, how many leads and conversions needed to reach my goal of R 120 000 in the first month.

According to my calculations, I needed to generate R 120 k in revenue. Which meant, I needed at the very least, a marketing budget of R 15 000+ for the first 30-days.

How would I sell this? As I know that R 15 k was going to bring in a lot of leads, however, I could not call each lead one by one to do my pitch?


Next, came my online tools, systems and marketing platform

How I Made R 120 000 Per Month Advertising Online

I decided that I would use something called an online webinar.

I would also need a way to nurture my leads over the 30-days and decided that MailChimp would be the right and best tool here.

Next, I needed a dedicated marketing platform…….. I felt that Facebook would give me the best reach and bang for my R 15 k.

Once I had my marketing channel, I knewhich sales tool, and which lead nurturing tool I was going to be using.

It was time to roll up my sleeves and get to work!

I spent about 2 weeks creating my content and strategy. I used blog posts, email nurturing content, Facebook posts and ad content. 

Below is an overview of each step.  


Creating the Facebook campaign and ads (Reach & Impressions) 

First, I needed to tell people who I am, and what I have to offer.

I created a stunning Facebook campaign, telling people that I am doing a free digital marketing webinar, based on what I have to offer in my course.

I also added in that people who join this free webinar will learn some helpful digital marketing techniques for absolutely FREE!

This strategy of giving away something FREE is known as a lead magnet, it is giving away something of great value to get people to convert into new leads. 

What happened in this stage?  

So, I had R 15 k to spend on my marketing

This marketing budget managed to reach 348 800 prospects, who saw my offer through Facebook.

Reach is known as the amount of people who see your ad, costs vary between R 0,05 and R 1 per reach.  


The amount of people who viewed my ad and who acted (Clicks) 

348 800 Prospects saw my Facebook ad, and from this amount only 1,56% of all those prospects decided to click on my ads offer (known as clicks).  

Quick tip: Facebook charges you based on reach and impressions, when it comes to most campaigns. They don’t charge you for the clicks.  

However don’t be mistaken… 

Not all the 1,56% of prospects who clicked on my ad, decided to sign up for my free online webinar.

I was OK with that. As I knew that even if I got 1% of them to click on it, it would still work.  


People who clicked turned into cold leads for my webinar (Leads) 

Next, out of the 1,56% prospects who clicked on my ad, 55% of them decided that they would sign up to the free digital marketing webinar.

So, let’s do a quick recap of the stages, just in case you have lost track: 

  1. I had 348 800 prospects see my offer 
  2. 1,56% Of those prospects clicked to view my offer (4680 prospects) 
  3. 55% of 4680 decided to sign up to my free webinar, which meant a total of 1825 prospects. 

This totalled to the amount of 1825 new cold leads.   


Converting cold leads into potentials (Engagement)  

This stage of the funnel is where most businesses get it wrong, as they don’t always understand the process.

There is a BIG difference between cold leads and potentials.

Cold leads have agreed to hear more about your offer, but have made no commitment to buy from you. Or even talk to you. Your job is to win them over through constant nurturing and engagement, over time.

This is where my email nurturing process came in, and my MailChimp played a role in nurturing my cold leads into potentials.

I created a high engaging email nurturing journey of 25 days that would send leads amazing content about the webinar. As well as what they could learn from this free webinar, to build up the hype and excitement behind joining!

So, over the 25-days I managed to convert 32% of cold leads into potentials, who would show up for the free online webinar. That totalled the amount of 1004 potentials. 


Even potentials don’t always show up or convert (Potentials) 

The day the webinar went live, only 321 potentials showed up. 

I know, very disappointing…

But I don’t want you to lose hope at this point, trust the process 

You will see how everything comes together, and that even a small percentage makes a huge difference!  



Finally, the good stuff

Let’s talk about the sale (Purchase) 

So, back to my webinar 

The Value 

The webinar had some amazing free-bee sessions in it and delivered exactly what I told people the webinar would do for them. 

Sales pitch 

At the end I did a sales pitch for my full online course, so people could take me up on joining the course right then and there. 


I also added urgency to this offer by giving them a discount if they signed up during this webinar.  


The full 3-month course was R 2 499, and out of the 321 potentials, 48 people purchased the online course at the end of the webinar.

After the webinar I multiplied the 48 customers with R 2 499, and the total revenue for this was R 120 415,00.

Let me say that again 

Total revenue was R 120 415.00!!!

Not bad right!?!?!

I obviously kept on doing this every month. Hence, I improved my marketing funnel, and pushed more money into my marketing funnel to multiply this income continuously.



Finally,  know that it’s a lot to take in, but it’s simple if you break it down.

Therefore, let me break it all down for you, using the figures, in 6 easy stages:  

  • First – Stage 1: 300 000+ Prospects see my Facebook ads, 
  • Second – Stage 2: 4 680 Prospects click on the ads to read more, 
  • Third – Stage 3: 1 825 Of prospects convert into cold leads, 
  • Fourth – Stage 4: 1 004 Leads engage with my emails and content, 
  • Fifth – Stage 5: 321 Potentials show up to watch the free webinar, 
  • Sixth – Stage 6: 48 Potentials end up buying my course advertised in the webinar. 

So, in the end I multiplied 48 sales by R 2 499, giving me a total amount of R 120 415,00 in sales revenue.  

Fast-forward a couple years later 

Today own a digital marketing agency, and together, with the help of my dedicated teamwe create fully optimized digital marketing funnels. Just as this one above, for our customers. This is to help them grow their brands, and to generate new leads and sales.

If you are interested in having us help you, feel free to drop me a comment below. Or you can use our Free Digital Marketing Strategy & Proposal page, and one of my team members will get back to you asap!

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