Facebook Video Views Package

Get more people to watch your videos and engage with your brand

Video has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of marketing products, services and building brands, and this package has been designed to get thousands of people to watch your videos.

About Facebook Video Views

The Facebook Video Views package will target prospects that show interest in what you have to offer and present your video directly to them in their Facebook news feeds. Video has a lower cost per view and higher engagement rate compared with images. Therefore, your brand will gain more exposure and engagement giving your marketing budget a better ROAS investment.

How It Works

Facebook Video Views consists of 4 simple steps


You send us your video, we reformat it for marketing and create the added content.


We use our RAS Model in targeting your perfect prospects and show them your video.


We give your brand exposure to increase the engagement with your postects.


We analyse the video data and find more people that could be interested in viewing it.

The Objective of…

The Facebook Video Views Package

This package focuses on finding as many people as possible to view your videos and increase the true view of watching your videos giving your brand added exposure online and encourage people to engage with your business and what you have to offer.

This Package Includes the Following 

Below we have listed all of the activities behind your new video view campaign

All the activities and tools listed in the table below are part of your Facebook Video View package. These are executed by our professional team of digital marketing experts.

Connect Facebook

We connect your Facebook business page to our account in order to run your campaigns.

Strategy Session

Our expert digital marketing team will have a one-on-one strategy session with you.

Audience Research

We research your market and locate your future leads & potential customers.

Campaign Proposal

Our team designs a campaign proposal based on the research for approval.


Here we create the customer audiences that your campaign will reach.


Next, we structure and setup your new campaign using your ad budget.

Ad Sets

We then setup different ad sets to target different audiences.

Video Ads

Our team creates the required content that supports your video ads.


A call-to-action will ensure that people contact your business by viewing the video.


Campaigns are continously maintained to improve performance and results.


Get a weekly or monthly performance report on your campaign, keeping you updated.

Pricing Package

Select the package that works best for you 

We have created a package that suits any business. From a startup who has a limited budget, to a large corporate enterprise looking to capture more marketshare and brand exposure.

  • Small
    R9 999 Monthly
    • Facebook Business Page Integration 
    • Free Setup of 1 Campaign
    • 2 Telephonic Strategy Session 
    • Level 2 Audience Research 
    • Intermediate Campaign Scope 
    • 2 Custom Designed Audience 
    • 1 Video Campaign 
    • 2 Video Ad Sets 
    • 6 Video Ad Versions 
    • 2 Hour Monthly Maintenance 
    • Monthly Report Included
    • 30 Min Monthly Strategy Session 
    • Video not included
    • Include Marketing Spend
  • Corporate
    R19 999 Monthly
    • Facebook Business Page Integration 
    • Free Setup of 1 Campaign
    • Dedicated Strategy Team 
    • Level 5 Audience Research 
    • Ultimate Campaign Scope 
    • Unlimited Custom Audiences 
    • Unlimited Video Campaigns 
    • Unlimited 
    • Unlimited Video Ad Versions 
    • 24/7 Maintenance Team 
    • Weekly Report Included 
    • Dedicated Strategy Team 
    • Video not included 
    • Project Plan 
    • Include Marketing Spend

Our packages require no long-term contracts and can be cancelled at any time. Any packages under R10 000 must be activated through this page. 

Need More Information?

Request a call from one of our digital marketing experts, so that they can give you more information regarding a strategy and how this package can help your business generate new leads.