Facebook Business Page Setup

Reach millions of potential leads & customers with a Facebook business page

Having a Facebook business page for your business could unlock new leads and customers, showcase all your amazing products or services, and gain followers that could share your work with their friends and family growing your brand and business.

About Facebook Business Page

What is a Facebook business page & how does it work?

A Facebook business page allows your business to connect with new prospects, helping you turn them into leads and customers.

You can create groups, events, display your services, show case your amazing products, share videos on what you have to offer, and even link it to your website’s contact us page,  as well as let your customers share reviews on their experiences with your products and services.

You can even export data about who your perfect customers are and what they like, helping you to learn more about your customers and streamline your marketing, and R&D.

Create beautiful ads directly from within your Facebook business page, and send them to your future customers.

And, so much more…

Facebook Statistics

More then 2 Billion people use Facebook

With more than 2 Billion people using Facebook, the chance of your customers being on Facebook is very good. Statistics have proven that businesses who have Facebook business pages have reported that having their business on Facebook has helped them in closing and retaining customers in a big way, as well as in building better relationships with their customers. 

  • 66% of monthly Facebook users use it daily.
  • Most people spend 58 min per day on Facebook.
  • Each visit to Facebook lasts 10 or 12 min.
  • 88% of Facebook users are accessing it via mobile.
  • 43% of people get their news from Facebook.
  • 30% 0f say Facebook offers the highest digital ad ROI.

These stats could go on, but with all this said and done, should you not also have your business on Facebook?

Why Most People Fail

Most small business fail with there Facebook business pages

There is more to just opening a Facebook business page and just uploading your logo than you think. If you don’t setup your Facebook correctly, then you can forget about it working the way it was designed to. Below we have listed some of the mistakes most businesses make when attempting this on their own 


Not using the right dimensions for your logo, and having it display badly on mobile.

Cover Banner

Uploading your banner and not using the right guidelines to help it display correctly on mobile.


Not creating a username for your page, and having people not find your Facebook page at all.


Not selecting the right template for your page, and the industry you are in.


Not optimizing your page for the search engines and losing traffic to competitors.

Business Manager

Creating your page without using the Facebook business manager tool, leading to endless problems in the future.

The Devil is in The Detail!!!

Setting up your page could take you 5min, but it’s all the fine hidden settings that most people don’t know about, that could make the difference between a Facebook page succeeding, and one that will never be seen by a single person.  

Let Us Help You

Our team of expert’s can setup your Facebook business page the right way

Our team of digital marketing experts have years of experience in Facebook marketing, and know how to create and setup a Facebook business page the right way for optimization, to ensure that your page works for you, and that it could be found and looks amazing. Below we have listed what we can do for your Facebook Business’ page. 


We will research your market, and competitors to ensure your page is competitive.


We will go trough all the settings of creating and setting up your new Facebook business page.

Business Manager

We will design all the needed artwork, ensuring that your page looks professional.

Product Setup

We’ll setup 3 products, images and descriptions.


We will setup your auto messaging system for new prospects.


We’ll setup your complete template and structure.


We will create your unique business username to help with search engines.

Service Setup

We’ll setup 3 different services that you offer with descriptions.


We will add your story to your page, plus upload and design of story banner.


We will create 3 different photo albums and upload photos, and descriptions.


We’ll reformat your business logo so it looks stunning on all devices.

Special Offer

We will also add one special offer & artwork upload plus a description.

Business Info

We’ll ad all your business info to your page.

Business Manager

We’ll setup your back-end Facebook business manager for ads.

Cover Banner

We will also custom design your cover banner with the right size and a call to action.

Let’s Get Your Page Up & Running!

This complete package will cost you R 1,950 once off!

Click the inquiry button and let one of our digital marketing consultants tell you more on what we will do for you, and let us get your page up and running.

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