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Advertising on Facebook is not only the key to gaining loads of new leads, but you will also grow your brand at the same time, if you use your Facebook business page the correct way. Read my blog on Facebook Advertising – Key to Gaining Loads of Leads

Facebook is still the world’s most affordable place to advertise, you can use a $1 daily budget, and go all the way up to a $10 000 plus daily budget, depending on your budget and how many people you are looking to reach.

Facebook has really made it affordable for almost any business to market itself on the platform.

I designed these microblogs specially for you to use practically. So please feel free to ask me any questions regarding this topic. Please use the comment section below for this.

I want you to try something, and don’t worry if you fail at it…

Go and open your Facebook business page, take the best post that you have launched, based on the most organic reach and engagement, and boost it for at least 24 hours.

See what happens, investigate the data afterwards. Then I want you to post your findings at the bottom of this microblog. Tell me what happened, how many people did your post reach, what was the engagement on it. As well as, did you perhaps gain an extra couple of followers by doing so. Did you maybe even get a new lead or two?

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Facebook Advertising – Key to Gaining Loads of Leads

……And hey, I am not talking about using a $1 000 budget here! Go and try something small, like a $2 budget for 24 hours.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the comment section below here, and I will reply to you in this microblog. 

This video series has been filmed by Baker Brothers Studios

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