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The real beauty and power of email marketing is that it allows you to deliver your message directly to an individual who actually wants to hear from you. Let me share the road of success using Email Marketing / Internet Marketing.

Compare this to your website, which appeals to a broader audience, but has to work a lot harder to attract and keep a prospect, lead and customer’s attention.


So, Let me ask you this…

“Are you effectively harnessing the power of Email Marketing to guide prospects, leads, and customers through the different stages on their journey with your business?”

Or are there communication gaps in your customer sales cycle?


Email Marketing /Internet Marketing is Cheaper

According to Peter Drucker, with all the new information technology, email and the internet have basically eliminated the physical costs of communications.

Read the above statement again and really think about it…

Drucker has a point, as it is no longer a necessity to:

  • Drive from house to house, just to try and make a sale
  • Call to inform people about your new hot products and services
  • Drive to see a client

All of the above is now possible through the internet and Email Marketing.


What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful weapons in your digital marketing toolbox. It lets you easily communicate and engage with your customers on a personal level.

And it really does close the communication gaps in your customer sale cycle.

In its simplest form, email marketing is a specific email sent out to a specific customer list, targeted prospect, or lead.

The email should contain:

  • Great content, which is of value to the reader
  • Something that makes them want to engage with you more
  • Some contain sales pitches, depending on how warm the client list is to buy
  • And they definitely contain a “call to action”

The above could be as simple as encouraging the reader to click on a web link that is embedded in the email etc.

Remember this is about relationship building, not cold, hard selling.

We will get to selling eventually, but first, you want to warm them up, by engaging and nurturing them.


What Email Marketing Looks Like…

Below are a few examples of companies who have created their email campaigns based on what they are promoting or offering:

  • A real estate company looking to promote their new home listings
  • A travel company wanting to promote a special they are offering on specific destinations during summer
  • A doctor who wants to promote his new practice

The list really does go on, you can pretty much promote and sell anything over email marketing.

Again, I want to remind you, that you want to nurture and establish a relationship with email marketing before trying to sell.


Drip Email Marketing / Internet Marketing

Drip marketing is a kind of lead nurturing process that is offered up in a measured campaign. It often takes place over a number of weeks.

The term comes from “drip irrigation,” which delivers measured amounts of water during the planting process.

With drip marketing, think of yourself as a farmer nurturing seeds that will become plants – or, in your case, clients.


Another Email Marketing Benefit for Your Business

If you don’t have anything specific to market at times, you can also use emails as a tool to maintain prospect and customer engagement, strengthen their perception of your brand, which increases mind share, and adds overall credibility to your business.

Email Marketing / Internet Marketing is an incredibly cost-effective communication tool, and when used the right way, it can deliver an outstanding return on investment (ROI).

So, then it will come as no surprise that you need to ensure that you use the right approach for the communication style of your email marketing.


What Can Go Wrong with Your Email Marketing?

As I previously mentioned, choosing the right approach to the way you communicate during your Email Marketing / Internet Marketing  is key.

If you come across as tacky or common, or anything that reeks of spam, it is either going to go directly to spam, or the customer is going to think, “these guys don’t know what they are doing and are harassing me with their junk”.

Then your email is also going to take a one-way trip to spam, blocked or unsubscribed.

And once your business gets associated with junk mail or spam, it will destroy your credibility.

Your prospects and customers will start filtering your emails out even before they have arrived.

I’ll still end this section on a high note, and say, even though the majority of people’s mailboxes are bursting with irrelevant and unsolicited messages…

If your email correspondence has been carefully designed, with great content, then email marketing can still be used as a great and effective marketing tool that delivers real value and results, both to your prospects, clients as well as your business.

So, yes, if done correctly it is a win-win!


If  You’re Unsure…

The main thing is obviously that you are confident in both what content you create, as well as how you are communicating it.

If you are unsure or don’t have the time (as I know most business owners don’t have), then get in touch with our experts at Ras Digital Marketing to chat more on how we can create your email marketing strategy.


Amazing Email Marketing Stats

Social media has been getting plenty of headlines as a growing platform for reaching people with products and services.

Yet its reach and effectiveness is a pale number in comparison to Email Marketing!

The quickest way to reach potential customers in a direct and personal way remains through email.

The stats below reveal how email marketing is still taking over

  • McKinsey & Co. more than 91% of people use email daily, which is more than other communication efforts
  • Studies show email continues to be one of the best methods to acquire new leads – 88% higher than others
  • According to McKinsey & Co. found email to be 40 times more effective in acquiring customers
  • Email prompts higher purchases. An email is three times more likely to prompt a purchase than a social media message. On average, email-initiated purchases are 17 percent higher in value
  • By a margin of more than 25% globally, marketers call the ROI of email “excellent” or “good”
  • Customers usually act after receiving an email. Harris Interactive found customers like receiving targeted emails, with 81% of digital shoppers reporting that those messages made them more likely to make additional purchases while visiting online stores
  • Mobile email works. Conversion rates are hard to come by, but Loyalty 360 found 36% of email mobile messages are opened
  • Email volume makes the numbers in the national deficit look small. Corporations globally send 354 billion messages daily
  • Spam isn’t cheap. Sure, email has a downside. Corporations on average spend $3 million annually to fight spam, according to
  • An email has an astonishing return on investment. Experian reports every $1 invested email returns $44.25 altogether
  • Businesses love sharing email they like. The Ernest Agency reports 72% of B2B recipients are likely to share useful email
  • Email is still growing. Internationally, Radicati reports email users to grow at 12% each year. That’s a lot of more potential customers

And yes, emails might be one of the oldest tools to communicate digital marketing through…

But Email Marketing is far from dead!

So, use it.


Before You Start…

Before you run off and excitedly create your email campaign, there are a few crucial things for you to consider.

Please go over the following, else you could end up in deep water with the law:

  • Legal requirements
  • Write your terms and conditions the correct way
  • Anti-spam legislation
  • Make sure your “email list” of prospects, leads, and customers, actually want to receive email communication from your business
  • Logistical problems



Email Marketing / Internet Marketing will only be effective if you spend enough quality time to develop the best email strategy for your business in the right way.

Please remember, our team at Ras Digital Marketing specializes in Email Marketing / Internet Marketing, so please click on the link below if you’d rather have experts do this for you.

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