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Differentiate those who succeed and fail? Distinguish Those who succeed in business from failures. Keep reading to see where you fit into the bigger picture on the spectrum.

So, I am sure you have been wondering what exactly makes a winner in business and leadership?  And what is it that truly distinguishes those who succeed from those who fail in business and life in general?


Have you ever thought about the statement below?

How do you distinguish those who succeed in business from failures and what makes these people so different?

I often found myself wondering what is it that makes the great truly great? What is the secret formula? Is there even a secret formula to differentiate those who succeed and fail?


Business Success

Differentiate those who succeed from those who fail?

According to Schwarzenegger, business, and personal success, is “all in the mind”!

As a young athlete, Schwarzenegger swore by the power of visualization techniques to reach his goals.

Schwarzenegger said that when he was very young, he visualized himself being and having what it was that he wanted. Mentally, he never had any doubts about it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is a multi-millionaire, successful real estate tycoon, movie star, bodybuilder, five-time winner of the Mr. Universe title, Arnold has it made.


The Incredible Mind

According to Schwarzenegger: “Before I won my first Mr. Universe, I walked around the tournament like I owned it. The title was already mine.” This statement by Schwarzenegger just makes me realize once again how unbelievably incredible the mind is.

It’s like that saying, “whether you think you can, or you can’t – you are right!”

Distinguish Those Who Succeed In Business from Failures?

Whatever you put your mind to…

You can do!

Schwarzenegger said that he had already won the tournament so many times in his head before, that he had no doubts that it was his and he was going to win it!


More Success with Visualization Techniques

Differentiate those who succeed and fail?

Later, when he transitioned into acting and politics, Schwarzenegger said he employed similar mental visualization techniques as before.

Schwarzenegger said that his road to both business and personal success was based on the same process that he used for his bodybuilding success.

“What you do is create a vision of who and what you want to be, and then go out and live that picture as if it were already true”, said Schwarzenegger.

According to Schwarzenegger, this is how he used the visualization techniques for acting:

  • Visualized myself being a successful actor earning big money
  • Felt and tasted success
  • I just knew it would all happen

This is exactly how to, one would distinguish those who succeed in business from those who fail.


Another Success Story

Another big and successful supporter of the visualization technique is Will Smith.

The award-winning actor says his positive thinking has helped him achieve happiness.

Regarding these visualization techniques he has said: “In my mind, I’ve always been an A-list Hollywood superstar. You guys just didn’t know it yet”!


Business & Leadership Success

During a sales interview, I asked one of the highly successful candidates what it was that made them so successful at selling products.

He then shared his secret…

Every night before going to bed, he spends 5 – 10 minutes visualizing his next day’s calls. He pictures himself making his sales – pitch to each client, he then pictures them being interested and eagerly taking him up on his offer and sealing the deal with them.

Oh, and he doesn’t stop there…

He then goes on to visualize a very productive day with lots of sales. And he follows the same process before he gets out of bed in the morning.

Distinguish Those Who Succeed In Business from Failures

This man, who we will keep anonymous due to privacy reasons, makes more sales in one week than most salespeople do in 6 months, and he has also consistently been in the top 1% of his profession every year.


What Does All of That Mean?

So, these are three completely different people with totally different goals and objectives, and they are all using the same visualization technique to create and influence their reality.

By now, I hope you are realizing how important visualizing your future is.

Visualization is using your imagination to see yourself in a situation that hasn’t yet happened, picturing yourself having or doing the thing you want and successfully achieving the results that you desire.

I hope this helps you to bring all the cards together for you to move forward and start this process.


Examples of Visualizing for Success

Let’s say you want to be more confident. Using visualization, you picture yourself as confident, radiant and happy, or whatever confidence looks like to you…

Picture yourself doing things like talking to people with all the confidence in the world.

See yourself in situations that would normally give you anxiety, and picture yourself in these situations at ease, confident and performing extraordinarily well.

And then feel it…

Feel the pride and satisfaction of both being a confident person and of enjoying the things that happen to you as a result of your confidence.

You visualize everything that would or could happen to you as if it is really happening to you every moment of the day.


How to Visualize for Business and Personal Success

Here are a few quick steps to start a successful visualization process with:

  • Decide what you want to do – such as be more confident, pass an exam, get a promotion, meet someone new, make lots of money, etc.
  • Relax – take a few minutes to unwind so that you are comfortable
  • Spend 5 to 10 minutes visualizing the reality of what you want
  • Linger on thoughts of doing and having the thing that you want, as if it is happening right now, not as some future reality
  • Live in your mind as if it’s happening to you right now
  • Create little inner film clips or videos


Practical Idea:

You can alternate between precise and free-flowing visualization techniques, doing a few minutes of each, or concentrate on whatever techniques feel most comfortable.

Remember that it is the mental pictures that we indulge in, and think about regularly, that becomes the blueprint for our goals and wants!


Distinguishing Those Who Succeed In Business from Failures

Do This Whenever Possible…

And as much as possible!

Visualizing something once or twice doesn’t have much effect.

Results come when the images are imprinted (visualized) again and again for a period of weeks or months until your goal has been achieved. Don’t try to measure the success of your one or two attempts.


Successful Goal Orientated Visualization

Distinguish Successful Business People From Unsuccessful Business People

A now famous and well-documented experiment conducted by psychologist Ellen Richardson, took a group of student basketball players and divided them into three groups.

Richardson wanted to test for their ability to score baskets. Each group’s results were recorded.

The first group was instructed to come into the gym every day for a month to practice shooting hoops. The second group was instructed to not practice at all, and the third group was instructed to engage in a very different sort of practice…

They didn’t step foot in the gym at all, but instead stayed in their dorms mentally imagining and rehearsing themselves practicing and winning, for half an hour each day, they saw themselves shooting and scoring and improving dramatically.

They continued this inner practice every day.


After a month, the three groups were tested again:

  • The first group, those who practiced shooting every day showed a 24% improvement in their scores
  • The second group, those who did not practice at all showed no improvement.
  • And the third group, who had only practiced in their minds, improved even more than the group who had practiced, as they mentally pictured (visualized) themselves winning.

Such creative visualization is powerful, but it’s far from magic. Properly directed, your imagination is one of the most dynamic functions that you possess.


Opportunities Open Up When You are Open to Them

Situations and opportunities will come your way, leading you to your goal, you can count on that. Your thoughts are more powerful than you think.

And no, it is not futuristic science fiction that we “possess” this ability. This already exists within us as a practical tool that we can use anytime we choose. Keep this in mind as to what you really want, it is all in your own power.


So why not start using it today, right now, wherever you’re sitting, start thinking of the perfect life that you want. You can now too be one of the highly elite who succeed in business!

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