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Start & Grow Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

At RAS Digital Marketing, we focus on two different segments of the market. If you find yourself wanting to start or grow a digital marketing agency, we can help you. And if you’re an existing business, wanting to grow your brand, generate new leads, and customers, then you’re definitely at the right place!

Do you want to start a digital agency, or grow your existing business?

People Always Ask Us...

Why Do We Do This?

By now we have been in digital marketing for over 10 years and worked with 700+ businesses in this time, where we have always had digital marketing agencies reach out to us asking for help. Before 2020, we would turn them away, but in 2021 we decided that it was time that we start to #PayItForward and help existing agencies to become successful and prosperous businesses.

How Will We Help You To

Start & Grow Your Agency

We follow a unique process, designed to take you and your staff through a journey of laying down an outstanding foundation for your agency, that not only gets your agency up and running the right way but also grows through four distinct stages.


Access the skills, and software you require to setup your agency.


Launch your agency & start generating new leads and customers.


Stabilise your agency by generating a consistent ROAS.


Grow your agency by increasing customer retention & experience.

Get Started Right Now!

By joining our Digital Marketing Partner Program and let us help you with our expert team of Digital Marketing Coaches and our Partner Program.

What We Do to Help Your Agency

Our Digital Marketing Partner Program

This is our uniquely designed program that will help you to start from scratch, as well as help you to grow your agency into the business you have envisioned it to be.

Phase 1


In the first phase of your agency, our Partner Program and coaches will assist you in setting up and building a sound foundation, avoiding future pitfalls and mistakes that could cause your agency to fail. We will also assist you in learning to create and run successful campaigns for your own agency, and clients.

Phase 2


Once you have completed the bootstrap phase, we will help you to launch your agency, and to follow a process of generating new leads for your agency, and then converting those leads into paying clients with the digital marketing strategy and funnel that we provide.

Phase 3


As soon as your agency has gained momentum and you have a few clients, you will follow our stability process from where we will help you to establish consistent recuring clients, by improving your ROAS, and upselling your services to start the preparation to enter the growth phase.

Phase 4


When you reach the growth phase, we will assist you to increase your client retention, increase profitability, and, by following a process of increasing employee /client engagement, growing your team, and setting up your strategic partners, like freelancers, in order to grow your agency internationally.

What Our Clients Have to Say…

Don’t take our word for it, see what all of our clients have to say about our Digital Marketing Partner Program…

A seriously comprehensive guide on how to set up a Digital Marketing Agency. A lot to read and do but well organized and straight to the point. If you are wanting to start your own Digital Marketing Agency, buy this eBook now.
Kitt Langkilde
Web Apps Unlimited
A very high quality product for a cost of next to nothing that helps any up and coming digital marketing business to position itself in a professionally and strategically with prospective clients...a well deserved 5 star indeed from a happy and satisfied customer 😉
Edward Abrahams
Business Owner
RAS Digital is a wonderful marketing agency, intent on making a lasting impact in the industry. Leaders break new for others to prosper and RAS Digital is a acts as a leader in digital marketing. I bought their Agency start-up manual and got a lot more value for the money that they charged.
Albertus Weidemann
Business Owner
The RAS Digital Marketing agency manual has helped me understand and has provided valuable insights into what it takes to start and run a digital marketing agency. Their practical advice and real world experiences provide professional guidance and knowledge and I'm very excited to have signed up for their course.
Ivan Schepers
Business Owner
I cannot express the amount of gratitude that I have for RAS Digital Marketing. Your manual on starting an agency has not only helped me get clear about my agency and set real attainable goals, but has gotten the wheels turning full speed ahead for my agency after months of procrastinating. Thank you so much Jean-Pierre Ras and your team. I definitely recommend your agency for start ups and established businesses.
Nomfundo Masombuka
Business Owner
This is a very valuable resource for South Africans trying to get started in the social media marketing space. I especially like the business parts of the manual
Charles Maseko
Business Owner

Start & Grow Your Agency Right Now!

By joining our online Digital Marketing Partner Program and let us help you start and grow your agency.