2024 Facebook Ad Updates

Don’t miss out on Facebook’s 2024 updates to their ads

The ad objectives within Meta Ads Manager have undergone revisions to provide you with better alignment options for your business goals. 

They have introduced six new objectives: 

  1. Sales
  2. Leads
  3. Engagement
  4. App promotion
  5. Traffic
  6. And, awareness.

While some ad objectives have been combined, and the campaign creation process has been adjusted accordingly, rest assured that all the previous functionality remains accessible. 

Starting in January 2024, you will no longer have the ability to duplicate or import campaigns, ad sets, and ads using the original objectives. Additionally, creating new ad sets or ads within existing campaigns using the original objectives will no longer be possible. 

Later in 2024, the original objectives will cease to be available for both new and existing campaigns.

Updates to Objective Names, Ad Set Choices and Campaign Reporting

Compared to the previous 11 objectives, the current set of 6 objectives brings changes to objective names, ad set options, and how we present specific campaign results. 

Current Objective Names: Now, you have a selection of six ad objectives: awareness, traffic, engagement, leads, app promotion, and sales. Some of the previous objectives have been merged into these new options.

New Ad Set Choices: Certain previous objectives are now accessible as features or optimization settings when creating your ad set. For instance, the previous “reach” objective is now accessible by selecting the awareness objective and opting for “reach” as an optimization setting. Other previous objectives are available as a conversion location, defining where you want people to take action. For example, the previous “messages” objective can be achieved by choosing the engagement objective and selecting messaging apps as the conversion location.

Campaign Reporting: Different reporting metrics may be generated by some of the current objectives compared to the previous ones, making direct comparisons challenging. Depending on the objective you use for your campaigns, you may notice results in Ads Manager that appear as blanks or dashes in the results column of the campaign tab. Results in the ad set and ad tabs remain unaffected.

Next Steps for Campaigns with Previous Objectives: In January 2024, changes to Ads Manager will limit your ability to use the old objectives. To prepare for these forthcoming changes, consider using the current six objectives for all new campaigns and proactively convert existing campaigns through duplication.

How to select a simplified ad objective based on your original objective

To select a simplified ad objective based on your original objective, consider that the 11 previous ad objectives have been consolidated into 6 simplified objectives. 

Some original objectives are no longer standalone, instead, they are available as settings or optimization tactics under the simplified objectives. 

For instance, the original objective ‘video views’ is now accessible as an optimization tactic under the simplified awareness and engagement objectives. 

How to choose the simplified objective that best aligns with your business goal. 

For instance, if your aim is to increase awareness through video, opt for the awareness objective. If your goal is to garner more views, select the engagement objective.

Refer to the table below for a helpful comparison that illustrates how each previous original objective in the left-hand column corresponds to a new simplified objective in the right-hand column:

Original ads objective name Simplified ads objective name
Brand awareness Awareness
Reach Awareness
Traffic Traffic
Engagement Engagement
App installs App promotion
Video views Awareness Engagement
Lead generation Leads
Messages Engagement Leads
Conversions Engagement Leads Sales
Catalogue sales Sales
Store traffic Awareness

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